Sunday, July 17, 2016

Random Act of Kindness

You know Tyra Banks is my girl! Has been since the beginning of time! That's why meeting her for the first day made for one of the best day of my life.

One day, at one of the tapings of The Fab Life show, the then newTyra Banks talk show, I was sitting in the back of the front section. This was a good day! I believe Tyra had already quit the show, (even though, she's supposedly the executive producer?), therefore they were having different co-hosts everyday. This episode, the co-host was none other than, the amazing Cindy Crawford. When I was young, I was slim. My mom wanted me to be a model. I took interest in all things modeling. We lived in the farm and were poor as heck but I had dreams and so did our mom for us. You're never too poor or too old to dream! I was quiet and loved reading. I read any and everything. I would read my dad's Christian Science books. There were plenty of them. Some of the words were too deep for me. I always had a dictionary. This was pre-cellphones.

I grew up following Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, you know, the supermodels from back then. I remember, I had a picture I had saved of three of the supermodels because I loved the dress Linda had on and wanted a similar one for Matric Dance (Prom). Alas, that didn't happen. I did get a better looking dress though, that I was just as proud of. I got lucky and found the dress on sale on the last day of my search, I was heading out of town the following day. Story for another day! Cut to, the day we're blogging about; here I am sitting three rows from one of the worlds first supermodels. Like, what planet are we in? How did this happen? First of all, I'm in Tyra Bank's show, who is one of my fave people and now, there's Cindy Crawford here as well! What the eff!

Cindy, ever so classy, she was promoting her new book: Becoming. It's a gigantic book with an amazing cover. I love just knowing that I have that book at home! By the one, everyone in the audience got themselves a copy. Thanks Cindy! Thanks Fablife! One of the segments of the show was Random Acts of Fab. I didn't know about that then but the audience warm up guy, who I love, he's the funniest, in my opinion, told us during break that there was going to be a segment where they would like us to scream as much as possible as if we won something, even though, we haven't. They might pick someone from the audience and give them something. I was rolling my eyes in my head, thinking, they probably already have someone in mind they are going to give the giveaway to. Or we won't be winning anything, the guy is always teasing us, telling us, if we're good, he will personally ask Tyra to give us free stuff. LOL, as if he has that kind of power!

Long story, short, I have gum in my mouth and I'm thinking. What if they actually pick me just like I got picked at Let's Make a Deal with gum in my mouth and had to swallow it on my way to the stage because they don't want people chewing gum on TV. I hid my gum under my tongue as they counted down, in Three Two,....... Leah said something and asked us to scream or something to that effect. I go crazy and she's like, yyyyyyyyyyyyyy(looking around as to who to to pick)yyyyyyou! Her finger finally lands on me! I got picked! I won! Again! They picked me for the Random act of Fab! She called me up, I was so excited, I screamed even louder when she called me! Of course, I had to swallow the gum just like I did at Let's make a Deal! Story of my life! I ran to her, she hugged me, asked what my name was and congratulated me on winning two gift vouchers to any Spa Finder affiliated Spas. The gift card were worth $150 each. Not a bad deal, right?

This was a really nice day, especially considering, I had pleather leggings on when I checked in. The coordinator told me that leggings weren't allowed. Good thing, I had bac1k up just in case, I told him I had a skirt in my handbag, took it out and showed him. He told me, 'no whites!' I knew that, but I didn't think it would matter because it's a skirt and nobody sees what color skirt you have on when you're sitting in the audience. Well..... people would have known in my case because I won and had to get up. The guy let me go in in my leggings. That was my first win for the day, because they are very strict, they could have sent me home. From then on, the day just kept getting better.

A girl I know saw my episode and was like, 'Brook! I saw you on TV! You won something!' I was like, 'Which show?' Haha! No shade but all I do is win at this shows, which one, for real? She told me she taped the episode. I asked her to send me the link or something. Sadly, I never got to see the episode. I just looked it up again, to see if I could link to it. All I could find was the Cindy Crawford segment. She could link to that on her blog. When I do find it, I will definitely share it with you. I will post it here or my website.

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