Friday, July 15, 2016

Secret Menu

LA, here we come!

A fun time was had by all at the Pam Springs Art Museum. On our way back to LA, Calvin took a route that was going to take us to the biggest Dinosaurs in the world, I believe.  Something to look forward to, right? Cal also considered us making a turn at his cousin's place. They hadn't talked in a while, so he didn't want to put the cousin in an awkward position; as a result, he didn't call the cousin.

Lunch! In n out burgers and animal style fries

These fries are supposed to be delicious. They are in their secret menu. Do you know about secret menus? apparently, it's a thing! Fast food joints have secret menus where only a select few know of, when you order from that menu, you get what you want but it's not for everyone to know. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not. I recon, it's not! But what do I know? I'm just a blogger! I remember when I lived with Carly in Hollywood. She once told me about this amazing item from El pollo loco (pollo pronounced poyo) that wasn't in the menu. We used to order it whenever we went there and they would always make it for us. I didn't understand why it wasn't in the menu and yet we still got it. I guess it was a secret! Fast forward to 2016, Calvin likes animal style fries from In n Out Burger. Apparently, that's in a secret menu too! I like my fries with nothing on them but just salt or spice. I don't like a whole lot of frills on them. These, they can keep secret! Plus, they were cold and full of those gross black dots. My mom would say that that's why they came up with this secret item; an idea for them to get away with serving rotten fries. My mom doesn't order stuff that's hidden, like marinated meat. Heck naw! She wan'ts to see what she's getting. Smoked meat? Na thanks! She will marinate or smoke her own meat herself! She says it's a ploy by the butchers to get rid of the old stuff. Instead of throwing away the old meat, they 'marinate' it. That's way, you can't tell if it's fresh or not. I think there's a lot of truth to what she said. She must tell that to Cal. He loves his marinated meat. He always buys marinated chicken for the barbecue and barbecues it right away. It never tastes expired though!

I digress. 

The dinosaurs...

Gigantic Dinosaur in Cabazon, CA

I told you they were huge! We parked and took a stroll around the area. Not much going on, just a gift shop inside one of the dinosaurs. So, from now on, if someone asks me if I've ever been inside a dinosaur, the answer is HECK YEAH!  We weren't there long. And just after we left, there was a casino, Morongo Casino. I have seen so many job listings for acting gigs in Morongo Casino, but never looked at them twice because it was so far away. Most of them were over the weekend, meaning, free accommodation. The pay wasn't that great, I guess they had already deducted hotel reservations. Calvin wanted to go in and double his money. Again, just like here, I didn't want him to but I had to go with the flow and let someone do with his money as he pleases. Russian roulette. One of the games he was paying, he was supposed to pick either black or red. something inside me said black. He piked red. Lost. Black would have won. That voice inside of me did it again! That was all the reassurance I needed. From then on, I told myself, just like I always listen to the voice inside in other areas of my life, I need to do so with things like gambling too. Even if, I'm not the one betting.

At Morongo Casino

We weren't at the casino for long, it wasn't Cal's winning day. Better luck next time, mate! He wanted to keep playing, I was like, dude! You need to have a limit and never exceed it. He didn't that one time. I had to fight the voices inside from telling me, you should have spoken up! You should have told him to go black! The thing is, he would have gone with whatever he wanted to even if I had spoken up. He does what he wants. And I didn't want to ruin someone's vibe. I didn't want to make the air thick.

Back on the 10 freeway! 

Getting closer to home! Traffic! Welcome back to LA, folks!

At the End of the Rainbow, you'll find a pot of gold- Nancy Sinatra

I love that song, by the way! One of my favorite songs every! I have fantasized to walking down the isle to that song or having it play for my first dance. A girl can dream!

Back home! It was a nice dream! I had the best time! I will definitely be going back to Palm Springs. We're back in LA, it's winter, it's cold.

Calvin cooked dinner

Dinner was delicious and warm. Notice the Christmas Plates? The spirit was still in the air! He had the napkins and everything! 


Tembz Didit said...

Your mom is right. Butchers who marinade meat do so because the sell by date arrived.

Babalwa Brook said...

She's a smart woman, that one!