Saturday, July 02, 2016

Two For The Price Of One!

Calvin's house guest was still staying with him. He loves to drink. No jokes, he always has a drink in his hand! Talk about addiction! He'll tell you he's an alcoholic himself. He's a very smart guy! He will tell you that that is his way of dealing with life, some people want to actually go through problems. He, on the other hand, as he says, would rather drink all his sorrows away. They come back when he's sober, so his solution is to stay drunk. One time, I was about to go outside. I was at Calv's. I opened the front door and saw that there was broken glass just at the door. Some of the glass pieces had made their way into my beloved shoes! They also reeked of alcohol. Great! The smell wasn't as much of a bummer as the glass pieced. I went back into the house and asked Calvin what could have happened. Who was responsible for that. While I was still calling out for Calvin, Len owned up to it. He apologised profusely and asked me where I bought the shoes, he wanted to get me a new pair. I declined. Accidents happen to the best of us, I wasn't going to nail the guy to the cross for it! He insisted. Calvin told me to take him up on it but I refused. Plus, an ex bought me those shoes, so many boyfriends ago (read that story here!) Maybe it was time to move on!

Within an hour or so, here comes Len! He had a box of new shoes in his hand. Double you tee Ef!??!?!?! I was impressed that he figured out where I found them and came up with them in such a short space of time. If he were a woman, sure! Every other American has a pair of a variant of those shoes, therefore they would know where I bought them. I asked Len how he went about that! He told me that he looked up the name of the shoes as he saw underneath online and went straight to the shop, which happened to be two to three blocks away. He didn't remove the price on the box. I felt bad because the shoes were so old at that point. Three years old and worn to death! When I wouldn't take them from him, Len told me to do as I please with them but they were mine from then on. He told me to throw them away if I don't want them. Wow! Easy now!

Because of the aforementioned reasons, I decided to exchange the shoes. It was time! The following day, when I was home alone, I decided to pay the store a visit. They always have good sales, like 50% off etc. Sometimes more. I thought  I'd go see what I could find in exchange for my new shoes.

There were a ton of police cars just outside the street mall where the store was. What in the heck! I walked in. The store smelt funny. But the staff was nice. Two girls. They seemed close. They were discussing another girl the entire time I was there. Because I didn't have a receipt, they told me I only qualified for store credit. Served me just fine, I wasn't trying to cash out on this awkwardness anyway. That would have made me feel worse. I found a pair of turquoise heels that are the same brand as the most comfortable pair of heels I had recently bought. I had to! They were on sale. Score! I also got a pair of flats to replace the flats that were done with. Len had thrown away my flats, to make sure I took knew ones he bought me.Apparently, The price on the box wasn't the price he paid. The shoes were on sale themselves but not that much. Good thing the lady told me before I went shopping. That would have been embarrassing! I found a dark green, pair of flats to go with my heels. Problem solved! Thank you very much!

Two for the Price of One

Here's a random picture of food Calv made us around the same time as above.

Barbecued Eggplant

Boiled shrimp. These shrimp are much larger in person and oh so juicy!

Remember Christmas? Calvin's gifts from his family...

So much stuff just for one person!

There were all kinds of things in that container! I love how they all wrote his name outside. It's like, uh, they are all his! I guess it was to separate them from other family members'. There were chocolates, beer mugs, good smelling soaps. I got all the edibles. Well, I didn't eat all of them but I did sample haha. There were good nuts in there too! Coated in everything under the sun. Dark choc coated nuts, candy coated, cocoa, salt, you name it! I sampled them all. Calvin gave me some of the soaps. Which was nice because I was due.

The following day or so, Calvin told me that his mom wanted to know if I liked what she got me for Christmas. What? She got me something! That's nice! Shoot! But I didn't get her anything! What did she get me, babe? 'I don't know! I didn't read the labels, I assumed all the gifts were mine!' Me too! Why not? I had yet to meet Calvin's mom. How was I to know she would get me a pressie for Christmas? Man! We need to find out so I can thank her. Maybe, I'll get him a thank you card. It's the least I can do. It took Calvin more than a month to finally ask his mom what it was she got me. I didn't want to send her a Thank You card thanking her for something I don't know. 

She had got me a pretty mug, cookies and a slab of chocolate. From then, I only used the mug she bought me whenever I was at Calvin's.

I bought Calvin's mom a Thank You card ASAP and asked Calv to drop it off. 

We found out a week after Christmas that Calvin's mom never really opened the gifts he gave her. She bought him a Thank You Card (very professional, right?) and wrote a note inside listing all the things she was thankful that he had given her. The funny thing is!  One of the things Calv gave her was meant to be used immediately. She told him he must be mistaken, it's not amongst the thing she got. We looked everywhere for that. On reading the list in the card, Calvin found out that his mom was naming the things on the boxes of the gifts. She assumed that that was the gift. Meanwhile, we had used tome of the boxes of the things I had given Calvin to package the stuff he got for his family. That was hilarious! Oops! Busted!


Tembz Didit said...

Hahaha. So Len showed you the original price amd forgot to mention he got them at a discount 😂

yooo Cal's Mom didn't even open the gifts? Just looked at the packaginG?

Babalwa Brook said...

Yup! In his defense, the price didn't come up. It's just interesting how the lower price was missing. It seems like he wanted to create some kind of an impression lol.
Nope, she didn't. 6 months later, she probably still hasn't.

Tembz Didit said...

No way. He should have mentioned especially when he saw how reluctant you were to accept.

Hahaha do you think she hasn't opened still. Maybe she gets a lot of presents. Well since you mentioned that specific give had a time span I am sure it has fungi by now or spider Web

Babalwa Brook said...

I think he wanted to be that guy! Who spent all that money blah blah blah. Lol.
She had to open that particular one because they were looking for it. Other than that, I doubt she opened the rest.