Thursday, November 03, 2016

Lego Land

This reminds me of back home in the farm in Uitenhage. We had tons of prickly pear trees
The photo was taken in a Botanical Gardens in Palos Verdes. They had a Lego exhibition.

Lego Butterfly at the botanical garden

My favorite Flower, white Calla Lily 

Don't those lego cows look real?

Calvin doing what he does best: climbing a tree

More Legos
After the botanical gardens, we went to eat seafood in a Mexican restaurant on the water.

That's what I had. Some kind of seafood stew with shrimp and fish

We sat outside as usual. 
If a restaurant has outside seating, that's where you will find us!

View from the restaurant. Insane, ain't it?

My Oscar De la Renta shades that are now RIP

That's just some of the people in the restaurant

Being Sous Chef for Calvin
This is what typically happens when Cal cooks. I do all the chopping  and the what notting and the dishes afterwards. He's a great cook thought, so that's ok......ish. Bottom left, Okra. He loves it so much, he started growing some in the garden.

Finished Product. Asian dish. I think it's Korean
Speaking of food:
Pickled Egg from Philippe's downtown L.A.

Apparently, it's pickled in Beets (beetroot), if you care to know.

Rambutan. Asian Fruit

View from Calvin's bedroom. Cheers!

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