Monday, January 30, 2017

Nobu in Malibu

June was an interesting month in this household. It was the third month since Jim passed away, and since I moved in with Calvin. I was doing the best I can to settle in. I started my YouTube Channel and got my own domain name for the blog, around June/July. It was hot as heck and I was too heavy for the middle of summer in LA. I found the scale while unpacking the very last of my stuff from my old place. I mustered the courage to get on it. Oh my goodness! I was the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life! There goes my chance of being in the Weight loss Clinical Study! Now what?
Something had to give! I recorded my weight and started doing the simplest things I could that wouldn't overwhelm me. Eventually, I was going to count calories but I didn't want to jump right into the deep end. I started by upping my water intake. I already drink a ton of water, what with water being pretty much the only fluids I drink. I had to do more. Plus, it was the middle of summer. Perfect time for that! I was drinking a little more than 2litres of water on average per day. I double that to 4L and more. That's quarts or more than a gallon per day. If your stomach is full of water, and you drink first before you eat after you pee (as you will be peeing a lot!), there's no room to overeat. I made sure, I was drinking like my life depended on it.

I tried not to weigh myself everyday as I tend to when the scale is right before me, like in the bathroom. I wasn't doing anything else but load up on H2O. The house gets very hot in the summer, I tend to sweat a lot, especially when it's hot. I'm the first one to sweat out of any sweaty situation! Apparently, mosquitoes love sweatiness. I learnt that the hard way. They love me! Calvin has, you can call it a nursery in the backyard. Well...and the front. It's one of my chores, being the one at home more, to water the front and the backyards. Lots of mosquitoes. They don't play! They don't care if you water before the sun comes out or not. They don't give a sh*t! They bite! They sting! If you were following me on Snapchat (@BabalwaBrook), then, thank you! And you will have seen the bites. It was bad! One time, I had about 11 or 12 giant mosquito bites at once. It was torture some! 

I had started cooking not long after I moved in with Calv because I felt bad that his dad wasn't there anymore to make him delicious meals. In the beginning, he was cooking for us or he (Calvin) would take me out to dinner. I felt bad for him having to do all this and have two jobs. Even though, he didn't seem to mind. Or was doing a good job of hiding it. I started cooking dinner from scratch every night, to make sure that we didn't eat out more than I wanted to, for my 'diet'. If you follow me on Social media, you may have seen some of my dishes. Simple, balanced meals. 

I had always wanted to go to Santa Barbara. I had mentioned this to Calvin. I guess he remembered because he got a week off work and suggested we make the trip. I was so excited! My dreams are coming true before my very eyes. One at a time! I drove. 
Road trip, before photo
Quick pic before we head out!

That's me in my comfy road trip outfit. Calvin filled the gas tank for us.
gas prices, super, leaded, unleaded
Thanks, boo!
Road trip!

Road trip, luggage, baggage, santa barbara
Road Trip!

The big bags are filled with camping stuff. The plan was to spend a night in the forest/woods, and the rest in a hotel. We had never done that before. Usually, it's camping or hotel. We had a little more than two hour drive ahead of us. Country Roads...!

Calvin suggested, as long as we were going via my favorite town, Malibu, we go to Nobu for eats. Yesss! I'd heard of Nobu but had never been there. Hopefully, there will be a celebrity or two. Fingers crossed! 

Here's a video of our trip to Nobu, listen in on my conversation with Calvin.... enjoy!

Off to Nobu in Malibu!

It was a nice drive on the freeway with no traffic. We left at the perfect hour. 

Valet parking only at Nobu. They have limited space because they're right on the water, therefore the back side of the restaurant is, well, the ocean. Calvin doesn't like valet. I'm not a big fan of people driving my car either, but whatevz. We hadn't made reservations, so they sat us by the bar area. It was fine. We had a nice view of the sea.

nobu, malibu, santa barbara trip
My pretty drink
Check out my matte finish nails. Can I just say, the restroom at Nobu is one of the best I've ever been to! Gurl! The tissue is the best I've ever used. It feels like it's made on cloth material. You feel bad throwing it away just after wiping your hands once! The best! That and the 40/40 
club in Manhattan. 

Some of the food we ate:

Everything tasted perfect! I have to tell you though, that our next stop was a Mc Donald's across the street from Nobu haha. Free parking, but we used the drive through. We paid a ton for valet at Nobu. Calvin had a Big Mac. I was ok with what we had at Nobu. Next stop, Santa Barbara!

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