Thursday, January 19, 2017

Aloha Festival

A few weeks after filming the Short Film scene where I played a homeless person, I got a call from the director. He wanted to book me again. I was so thrilled! This time, we were going to shoot downtown Los Angeles, which is not far from where I live at all. It was going to be a night shoot. It didn't matter to me because work is work! Right?

Day of shoot, I took my wardrobe options along and headed out nice and early. I wasn't familiar with the specific location, even though I lived downtown LA more than once! Calvin knew exactly where I was going because, well, he knows LA like the back of his hand, plus, we were going to film on the LA River bridge. Apparently, when Calvin was young, they used to do graffiti around there. There wasn't any graffiti the night of the shoot though! Apparently, the city cleaned the bridge up and placed cameras all around the area.

I arrived nice and early, drove around trying to find park. What would downtown LA be without lack of parking! I eventually found a spot and then walked the opposite direction  towards set. It was so pretty around me. I think I was in the arts district. I was taking pictures and Snapchatting all over the place. After about ten minutes of walking, I thought to myself, no man! Where is this place? I was headed toward a wall. I knew, I was lost! I called the director with tail between my legs. He told me not to worry but to head back where I came from. Turns out, I was parked right next to the location! Great!

Eventually, I got on the bridge and started walking. Alas! I was on the wrong side of the bridge! I could see them but had to walk all the way back to cross the street and walk all the way back up towards them again! I finally made it! At this point, I was late. It's embarrassing to be late. Especially when you're actually supposed to be early. Director was super cool though, thankfully. However, those are the people you hate to disappoint. Filming for my scene took about an hour. 

It felt like it took me longer to get there than to do the actual job. 

I got one more call from the director, he had forgotten to do audio for my scene. He wanted me to do a recording and send it to him. I had to scream at the top of my voice (my character's son had died). I did a couple of takes for him in the car because the house was packed and I wasn't about to do that in front of them. I sent them through. Director messaged me back in a bit and told me he loved the audio. He was also appreciative of the fact hat I gave him options. I was glad to have had a chance to return the favor.

The girl from the first day of filming had been commenting daily on my posts. Roughly after my second day shooting, she disappeared. Listen, I have thousands of friends on Facebook; it's not like I was sitting by the phone waiting for her notifications. One day, I thought of her, and looked her up. I realised then that she had unfriended me. The funny thing about all that, is that I have reached the limit on Facebook. Clearly, her spot was filled so fast, I didn't even realise she was gone. I am not sure why she unfriended me. Frankly.....

I took Calvin out to dinner from my earnings from my acting gigs. I asked him to choose where he wanted me to take him. We agreed upon a seafood buffet spot. 

seafood, seafood buffet
Seafood Buffet
The place was OK. I won't be back there. The food was ok. I love seafood but they didn't wow me. Plus they're not even cheap. Granted, we're not in Vegas, but, come on! Calvin loved it. He's been there a few times since. Without me.

Speaking of food...

biggest burrito, largest burrito
Have you seen a bigger burrito?
This burrito is so big, it spans over two sides of the take out container! It was nice and warm still when Calvin brought it home. I must say, it tasted good for being so big! That's what she said, haha!

biggest burrito ever!
The inside of the world's biggest burrito

This burrito fed several men! And me!

Hawaii Festival

Calvin was excited for us to go to the Hawaii festival in the area. Apparently, they hold one in different areas throughout the year, every year. I am amazed at the amount and kinds of festivals there are out there and I'm sure I don't know half of them! Calv and I had been to a Hawaiian festival together before, but this one was different. Other than the fact that, this was in a different location, it was raining and we almost missed it, they also had different vendors, it looked like. 

We were going to meet up with friends of Calvs at the event. We got there before them and ordered something to eat. 

The food didn't look as good as it tasted. My goodness! Nom! 

hawaiian bbq, hawaiian food
Hawaiian BBQ
My plate. The chicken was delish and so was the mayonnaise salad.

lau lau pork, hawaiian food
Lau lau pork
Calvin, being the true Hawaiian he is, ordered some indigenous food. That was tasty too! We ordered a few different dishes and shared them.

Poke, hawaiian dish
Captioned twice, above, is one of my favorite Hawaiian dishes, poke.

Dessert, was one thing, that I didn't quite enjoy. 
hawaiian dessert, dessert, indigenous

Calvin loved the dessert so, more for him!

hawaiian festival
Hawaiian Festival

The view of some of the vendors who were still there. I think due to the rain, some people didn't show up to begin with. The festival is over a number of days. The vendors drive all across the nation in vans and such. I believe some people camp around the venue to enjoy the event over however many days it takes place. Talk about dedication!

When the friends finally arrived, we met up with them and hung out a bit. They were drinking, had brought more drinks with them. There were police around, the friends were trying to drink and not get caught, it was a hot mess. I was ready to get out of there. I just don't have the time to go to court to bear witness to things I am have no time for. Like, why can't you drink where there are no cops? I don't get it! 

Not long after the friends arrived, we all headed back to Calvin's. That's where the after-party is always at! 

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