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May 2016 in Pictures

Costco Montebello, motorized shopping cart
Night before my birthday at Costco

fridge for sale, refrigerator for sale
I found a buyer for my fridge
Calvin's colleague came over to pick up the fridge. He bought it for his son. I got double what I had paid for it. 100% profit. This fridge was one of the many blessings  I had at my old apartment. I found it at a great deal and still negotiated and had them deliver it, pretty much free of charge to my place. It was weird experience that had a happy ending. I didn't really want to sell it. I was hoping we would keep both Calvin's and mine. He thought one was enough.                                          

bathroom mats
The bathroom mats I bought for Calvin a while back

mexican corn
Delicious corn sold at church (Mexican)

Shaved Ice with vanilla. (Raspados) [Mexican]

birthday presents, neighbor's birthday
Neighbor's son's birthday party. Our gift.

venice beach, sexy mama, bbw
Trip to Venice Beach, California

birthday presents, gifts, puma, ck, levis
My gifts for Calvin. His birthday.
Notice the blue fedora. That was my attempt at replacing the one that flew off the boat haha. The black socks on the far right are comfy Calvin Kleins. It's a set. I stole one. They are my favorites. Calvin has only worn one out of the remaining three pairs so far. Which is why I stole the fourth.

homecooking, stove top
Home cooked dinner for Calv's birthday

home cooked meal, birthday meal
Turns out Calvin doesn't like Beets. More for me!
Calvin says beets (beetroot) remind him of coleslaw and coleslaw is the only thing he does't eat. Snakes etc included.

Chevrolet van
Shooting trip to the desert with Calv and a friend
It was my first time riding in the van. It used to be Jim's. The van is adorable. It plays one of those clock tunes when you revers. You are sure to have that song stuck in your head all day long riding in that thing!

country roads take me home
Country roads take me to the desert!

indian wells, brewery, inyokern, ridgecrest
The brewery! We need fresh beer

guns, gun poses, girls with guns
Watch out!

shooting stance, desert trip
Shooting stance

photography, art, desert, inyokern, ridgecrest
Calvin's friend. I thought this was a neat pic
This is where we shoot. Out in the middle of nowhere. On our way back, the friend had the back door of the van open. Every now and then, he would stand and let his entire body hang out the van. I took a ton of photos of him. It was a great time.

avocado smoothie
Avocado smoothie in an Asian restaurant

helping babies
Calvin thought it would be funny to add STOP

cum shot
What on earth is this sliminess in my sweater?

intruder, snail, slug
Eew! That's what it was! A snail!
This really freaked me out. I was reaching out to the back of my car to get my hat. It was sunny and hot as hell. Turns out the snail thought so too, so it called dibs on the hat. Ugh! My skin still crawls thinking about that incident. So, Brook, what did you do with the hat? It was a brand new hat, I had never worn. I kept it in the car, in case I needed one and didn't take one along.

chicken cartilage, deep fried cartilage
Chicken cartilage. 
One of my favorite foods. Chicken cartilage. Calvin took out his old friend who had recently told us that he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby. This is what I had.

money rug, money mat, office, the office
Merging our two homes
Calvin's office with some of my furniture pieces from the old place. The while stand on the right and the office chair as seen previously in my office area in this blog. The desk is so cool, it has five charging outlets.

Corn. My favorite!

corn, sweet corn, south africa
WTF? It's sweet!
I literally asked the lady if the corn was salty because there's nothing I love more. She told me it did. I guess she didn't understand a word I said, after all.

beyhive, beyonce, bee hive, honey
Bee hive at mom-in-laws. 

graffiti, fuck you
Calvin drew this and left it for his brother
Calvin's mom was out of town. She was at a friend's wedding in Vegas. A month after her husband's funeral. Talk about four weddings and  a funeral. Calv's brother was hanging out in his room. We went over for a split second. On our way out, Calvin thought it would be  a grand idea to steal all of his brother's beer and leave him this middle finger note. If you zoom in, it says, Cheers brah! Haha. I laughed so hard, I almost wet myself.

babalwa brook, renaissance fair
We went to the renaissance fair. Under-dressed.

renaissance fair, renaissance fair 2016
Dress code

renaissance fair
It was packed.

fork and scissors, silverware
My silverware at the chicken cartilage restaurant
Everyone I was with could use chopstick but me. I asked the waiter for a fork. He brought me a fork and a pair of scissors. I was rolling on the floor laughing, like, is this a joke? Apparently not!

altadena, east la, pasadena
I went for a spin around town and ended up here
Nice view in Altadena. This is close to Pasadena. I stopped to appreciate the view. When I was done; Snapchat! Follow me @BabalwaBrook 

let's make a deal, i won, ipad
Thanks Let's Make a Deal1
I had received a big box in the mail. It was the vacuum cleaner I had gotten from The Doctors. The one whose gift card was missing in action. I put it away because Calvin already has a great vacuum cleaner and I brought one from my old place when I moved in. There was a small box on top of the big box that I assumed to be the vacuum cleaner's accessories. I didn't touch these two boxes for more than a month. One day, wondering where the iPad I had won from Let's Make a Deal was, because it was the one thing I hadn't received yet. Something said to me, check the small box on top of the vacuum cleaner box. Voila! It was my iPad! That's my excited face just as I turned it on for the face time!

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