Monday, November 28, 2016

After Tears

After the funeral, Calvin and his friends went back to the caterers and asked for more cheese to take home for some wine and cheese type situation slash after tears! One of the ladies was shamelessly flirting with one of Calvin's friends, so we sent Calv with that friend to get us cheese lol. Apparently, the ladies wouldn't budge but......
Just some of the Cheese
Calvin and his friends took the party to his parents's house. Whoever was carpooling (riding) with me on our way from the cheese place, stopped at the liquor store and got some booze. I waited in the car. My window was down. This car stops right next to me, my left side. I made eye contact with the shirtless passenger in the second car and was like, 'nice shirt!' He laughed and asked how I was doing. I asked where his shirt was. He told me he was about to buy one. I'm like, 'from the liquor store?' He told me that he didn't have any clothes with him. He had just got out of jail. 'As in right now?' Apparently, he was in for ten year, he wouldn't tell me what for. As we were discussing, one of Calv's friends came out, talked to Shirtless as well and came back into the car. I asked the friend if he knows Shirt. He told me yeah, they all grew up in the same neighborhood. When Calv got back in the car, I told them the story, they all were like, oh pls! This dude was probably in for months, a year tops. He's trying to impress you by saying he was imprisoned that long! I couldn't believe that because that's not the way to my heart! Anyway, it's not like I was in the market for some shirtless guy anyways! Or any guys for that matter!

The cheese you see up there was my share from the extra snacks we got from the funeral place. This is all probably tacky but. My boyfriend had just buried his father and I was going to let him do whatever he wanted to take his mind of things. 

Some random celeb sighting pics for ya!

Universal City Walk, at Universal Studios, LA
So we were taping at show here and we were allowed to have our phones with us. No pictures, please! I tried to steal a quick shot to no avail! I ended up with the jib/teleprompter if you can see it up top. 

        [Sorry, computer crashed and you only get to see one celeb for now. More later!]

Guess who?

Okay fine!

Nick Cannon

This is the closest I'd ever come to Mariah Carey haha! Get it?

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