Sunday, September 04, 2011

Milky Ways and Galaxies

Friday, 26 August
After work, I went to the internet cafe, and watched Jerseylicious. Jennifer, from Ninotsminda called and said she's on her way to my town.
I told her, I'll inform her when I'm done. I did, and they picked me up. She stayed over at her student's house for the weekend. I know the student, she was at the picnic we had at the lake in Ninotsminda.
We went to their beautiful apartment and hung out for a bit. Her husband is a soldier. She's a police officer. They have me a camouflage:).
At night, the husband, Jen and I went out to some restaurant for dinner.
We had khinkali (the notorious Georgian dumplings), meat, meat (I know I know!), and the usual tomato and cucumber salad.

Can I just say? I love how Georgians can cut a cucumber up and have it as a snack! Just like that! So healthy!

We listened to Glee inspired music on my blackberry, You're the one that I want! Proud Mary, I'm walking on Sunshine, and a whole host of songs performed on season 1 of Glee. Then Jen played her African music. Amongst which was Rebecca and Vuyo's 'oh indoda yami, ubaba wabantwana bami! Hay isdudla sami, umama wezingani zami'. Don't know the title. It was nice to hear that. She insisted I need to listen to more African music cos I didn't recognised any of the songs she played and I didn't like them. Needless to say, I won't be listening to them by choice, anytime soon. I do have African music on my pc. Stuff I like.
We spent what seemed like 2 hrs talking about America, okay, the guys, the student's husband and his friend are obsessed with America. They said they'll do whatever it takes to move there. Basically I had a bit of a deja vu. Like what happened first time I visited Jen in her home town and she and her American 'friend' talked about the States for 2hrs while I sat there awkwardly. It happened again, in my city this time.
We finally left! Pumped some I have nothing by Whitney Houston. Jen and I sang along at the top of our voices. It was sooooo fun! I got home after midnight. Jen's student's hubby said we'll all go to Borjomi and Batumi the next day. I don't Jen I won't hold my breath because I know how her people do! They like to make promises. That's it! Just promises.

Saturday, 27 August
For the first time in ages, there were no guests nor kids at the house. I watched The Bachelor, Jake's season online. The host grandma left, I was home alone! I did my laundry and watched some more Bachelor. Jen called and told me she was outside. I went to let them in and the dog wasn't liking her student's daughter very much so they couldn't come in. My host family wasn't here to hold the dog. I wouldn't dare, that thing's HUGE! I don't trust it myself!
They had to go back home.

Back to the PC :).
My host mom came back around 4. Just as she got here, Jen called and they were outside again. We let them in, I had just showered as I was told we won't have water after 2. We left for Clint's house with the daughter. she's ten or something.
It was hot outside. Fortunately, we got a lift from an ex neighbour of mine.

We sat awkwardly with Clintyna. Then we went for a walk. I showed Jen my Police Station and my class. We all walked home via some dirt, dusty road that's supposed to be shorter, according to the daughter. We didn't believe her. It wasn't. And it was dangerous, no pavement.

We had dinner at mine, then we all hung out in my room and watched some funny videos. Clintyna left, Jen and I went to hers. We had dinner there. I just had a bit cos I just age. The meal looked normal and it was warm! Whew! Gold! Macaroni, Viennas and green beans.

It was freezing out! As I was leaving, the student said I can't, her hubby was going to take us to the park. At ten pm in the freezing cold! I obliged! Trying to be nice! I do try, you know!
We picked up his friend from the previous night, who speaks English, I like him, he's smart!
We went to the Observatory. we saw stars: galaxies and milky ways. I also saw an unidentified planet, passing the galaxy. Omg, I feel so smart right now, writing about planets and stuff! It was out of this world! I want to go again, and see actual planets next time. It felt like I was looking through a view master! Thanks mom! That thing was awesome!

We left around 1am, I was cold, and tired, sleepy, couldn't breathe from the smoke in the car. I was ready to go home. They played music and expected me to be all happy clappy like the previous night. I had to fake it;).

Sunday, I stayed in bed the whole day, watching Californication.

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