Sunday, January 26, 2020

You Cheating Son of a Gun!

So, it's been weeks, my new online person, Martin and I are talking daily. We shared locations and all that good technological stuff. One day, he tells me he's going to watch a movie at a friend's. I have a weird feeling about this. We're on facetime, so you can see someone's body language and it was not agreeing with that of someone telling the truth. He was dressed nicely, and had just gotten a haircut, that afternoon, after work. I was like, mh! Ok!
Granted, I'd never met this person, but talk to someone daily for hours per day and you can get a feel for them. I texted him, he replied after hours. I thought to myself, why would he take so long to respond to a text if he's just chilling at a friend's house with the friend's family? Later that evening, something says: see if he's  location sharing is still on! I quickly go to the location feature! Lo and beFreaking hold, his location shows him at a hotel opposite side of town. At this point, I knew where everything was, cos he would show me on facetime and he would quiz me later. He kinda was trying to get me to move in with him in Ohio. When I saw the hotel, I literally had a physical reaction to the lies of it all. Maybe I was more invested in this whole deal with this guy than I probably should've been? Who knows! I texted my people who knew about him, just so I could talk to someone cos you don't wanna go to bed that upset. I was still not thrilled, but at least, I had shared the situation.

The following morning, I checked his location, he was still at the hotel. Later on, he moved the car, to a drug store, then, slowly made his way home. I'm pretty much stalking him, at this point! I mean, he did share his location. He had kept his indefinitely shared, I, on the other hand, would only share for an hour, when on my way someone. Any who, I see him arrive at home; give him some time to adjust himself and I asked him to facetime me. Normally, I'd just call. I asked this time, because I had a feeling, things weren't what I thought they were. I didn't want to call and for him not to pick up. That would've stung.

He called me immediately! He had on jeans and didn't have a shirt on. He probably took off the shirt to look like he's chilling at home. Conversation goes something like:
Me: So how was it?
Him: How was what?
Me: Last night!
Him: Oh, great!
Me: Did you like the movie?
Him: Yes I liked it
Did your friend's son behave?
Him: Yes, he behaved
Me: So what else did yall do? Have a few drinks?
Him: Yes, we had a few drinks

He literally was copying and pasting what I was asking him and shooting it right back at him. No additional information, your honor! He also didn't have anything else to talk about, I was driving the non-conversation. My stomach was turning and my tongue shaking, I just wanted to spit something out about the lies.I couldn't contain myself; I'd done that enough overnight while he was in the hotel doing god-knows-what / whom. I call him back and ask if there was something  I needed to know. He was like, no, why? I was like, I'll call you back! I got off the phone because I was getting a physical reaction from the lies. You must understand, at this point I already have a ticked to this man's house. We have plans! We're going to be together for days in his turf. I need to at least know that this is not a complete asshole.

I think from that weird conversation, he got suspicious and thought back to how I could've known. He then sent me a text telling me he was going to turn off location sharing, it was killing his battery. OF COURSE, YOU GONNA TURN IT OFF! you just figured out that that's how come I am acting the way I do! I have found you out, you lying son of a gun!

I didn't like how I was feeling, there was this weird tension between us and I didn't know what this meant. What that whole experience should've meant was that we were done. Granted, it was before we began, but still. But that't not what happened. We continued to talk, I brought the thing up later that day, because I was at least, going to get some answers. He lied through his European teeth! He told me, he and his friend were invited by his boss to a hotel for drinks, there were girls there, that were hired by the beer company that the boss blah blah blah. He didn't want to tell me all that, in case I thought he was lying, so he decided to lie. Uhm, what? I didn't buy it! I didn't pretend like I bought it, but I still continued with my plans to visit Ohio. My justification for this silly decision was that, the ticket is here, I have no intentions to have a future with this guy, why not go on a free trip?

The time to visit Ohio came, I blacked myself out from the booking companies I work with, did my hair, nails, the whole shebang....wore short shorts, cos skinny me can do that now! And I wore heels. I traveled in heels! Partly because I wanted to impress, partly because I can do that now, I'm skinny enough to wear heels for long periods of time!

Fitting Room life
That's me trying to see what works, I ended up wearing the shorts in the background with the rest of this outfit but the stalkings . Pictures will follow.

At this point, I have his credit card info, from when he tried to get me to book myself a flight to Ohio, to go stay a month with him. I refused. That's too long for two complete strangers. In my humble opinion. You know what happened last time I moved in with a stranger! This happened! And that happened! (click on the different colored text to read about those situations. Martin had also sent me a photo of his Id/Driver license, so send to my people, in case he, you know, killed me, or something. Spoiler alert: He didn't kill me! He did some semi decent things that make me want to go meet him.

We facetimed one last time, before I headed out. I rolled my carry on luggage across the street from my apartment to the bust stop... in heels! A random guy at the bus stop hit on me. That was confirmation that I looked cute, haha! Dude was like, 'if things don't work out in Ohio, call me' Wow! From bus, to shuttle, to LAX (Los Angeles international airport). Remember last time I was at LAX?

I got pulled aside to get extra searched and asked if there was something in my hair, they scanned me extra and patted me all the way in between my legs, mind you, short shorts! Yuck! They told me it looked like I had something below my belt, I'm thinking to myself, must be belly fat. I mean, what else could it be? They let me through, I got on the plane and fell asleep almost immediately. It was a night flight. Martin was going to pick me up in the morning when we touched base. 5 Hours from Los Angeles to Columbus, Ohio.

You know I took off those silly heels on the plane, right? I slept like a baby, sorry yall if I snored a little!

I woke up in Columbus, brushed my teeth, put some perfume on, heels back on and went through security. They pulled me aside for down patting again. Oh nooooooo!

I had enabled my location from the time I left the house in LA, soMartin was about to track my travels. I texted him when we arrived, thank goodness for on board wi-fi!

Here I am rolling down the escalators, looking around for my blue eyed, handsome, hunk of a person and...

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