Saturday, September 28, 2013

Homelessness, again!

After the punch in the head, more than I had before, I know that was not the relationship I wanted to be in. If that wasn't a red RED flag, I don't know what is or could be. We never talked about it, he never apologised, I never confronted him, it just went right under the rug. And trust me! There's a lot under that carpet!

Sister would tell me how he would beat her up until she turned black and blue and then offer to take her out to a concert or something, HE enjoyed. Like the one concert he took her to, she took pictures of him which he in turn sent them to me before we met. I asked who he went to the concert with, he told me, by himself! He asked a random person who was sitting next to him to take the pictures. He liked the band so much (some band which was featuring Johnny Depp), he went to see them again with a friend. Sister told me he only went to see the show once with her. He never told me that! She told me he is so ashamed of her, even when they are together, he walks right ahead and tells her not to talk to her, he didn't want anybody to see him with a lady who was using a cane/crutch. That was just one of the stories they had slightly different versions of.

One day, around the end of January (OMG, I'm really behind, so much has happened since January, I should pull up my socks. Fa reel! )), it was time to pay month end bills. He took me along (Elvis). We drove across town to pay rent first. They had roadside parking at the place we went to pay. He left me in the car. Probably ashamed to be seen with me too, who knows? Who cares! It was a beautiful sunny day in LA, I could care less. While he was in,  a car that was parked in front of us, Ford Focus, backed up into El's car. She reversed too far, good thing it was slow because she didn't cause noticeable damage. What amazed me was that we made eye contact and she just drove off. What! Who does that! It was a lady too! I took down her registration plate number just in case. By then I didn't know how much damage was caused to the car.

Of course, I couldn't call El because, as we all know by now, he doesn't have a cell phone! I had to wait until he came back. When he did, I told him about it, he told me to get out of the car, ugh, I wanna puke just telling you this story, so nauseating! "Ok, uhm, (with hands on his wast), take a picture of the front of the car! Stand here, now stand over there, stake a picture of the car with that on the background. Did you get that? Are you sure? (YES, FCK!). Now Stand over here, take a picture of that building, make sure you blah blah blah blah blah" It literally got to the point where I regretted having told him about that lady at all, so not worth it. When we were done, he was like, I don't even know why I made you take the pictures because you probably won't let me have them when  I need them. Who says that to someone? Ugh.

From there, we headed to Beverly Hills 99 cents store. Yup! You read right! He told me they have the best stuff at that 99 cents store. We got what we needed, then I remembered I needed earphones which would double up as ear plugs for his snoring. He didn't care that I needed those because he knew it was to block him out. Be it when I wanted to watch something else on my laptop while he watched something else on the TV he bought "for me" in the bedroom or when he was snoring at night. I told him I would be right back, when I got back, I couldn't find him. What do you think I did? You guessed right! I called him on the cell! NOT! that's what a normal person would have done, if they were dealing with another normal person. I walked all round the store looking for him, I couldn't find him anywhere. I mean, El is tall, it shouldn't have been that hard to spot him! I even left the store and went to the car, he wasn't there either! I waited by the car just in case he decided to look for me there. After a while, I went back, well to return one of the two sets of ear phones because it was  fault. You get what you pay for, right?

On my way out, I saw him! Right where  I left him the first time. He was fuming! His eyes went a weird shade of blank, he stomped on the ground, I got scared to even go back to the car with him, or anywhere for that matter. I was thinking, come on Brook, there's got to be somewhere else you can go today! I had no other choice! When we left the store, he stood by the parking lot, gave me the most murderous look ever and breathed really deeply, he was ready to fck me up! I didn't say a word! We got in the car, I quickly sent my sister a message that the Sht was about to hit the fan. There wasn't anything he could do all the way from South Africa, but I just wanted to let someone know. He knows I don't have family here, he could do whatever he wanted to me and nobody would ever know. He locked the doors and told me we were not leaving until I told him where I went. I put my ear phones on and played music on my new phone! I knew nothing I could say would give him the satisfaction he wanted, that of beating the shit out of me. If he had tried, I'd have run the flip out of that car, I am not even ashamed to say that.

He was mad, the tension in the car was so thick, you could chop it with an axe. He went on and on about how he is doing the best he can to make everybody happy blah blah blah, yada, yada, yada. I recorded his long speech. You know how those men who emotionally abuse women sound when they are convinced they are right about everything and the women just don't know how to act and therefore need their guidance? How they talk with a very low, calm voice but really it's a load of crap! That's how he was talking, hopefully, I will be able to upload those recording so you can hear for your self.

We sat in the car for a while until he made peace with the fact that I wasn't speaking. He sped off. I was like, great, we are going to die! On our way back to his place, I received a call from an agent, regarding my application.I told her I would call her back when I got home. I was annoyed because he was totally listening to my conversation. We got home, I helped offload the car, while trying to unpack groceries, he stood in my way and stretched out his arms, yuck! I looked the other way and was ready to walk the heck out of there. There was no space for me to move, he gave me a hug and said, "you know daddy loves you, but you can be bad sometimes. Daddy just wants you to be good" I don't know if that was his failed attempt at apologising or what, I didn't care, soon as he was done with his crap, I went for a walk. I never hugged him back. I called the agent back, turned out to be a joke. They wanted me to pay them for compulsory training, after which they were going to see if they could help placing me. I was like, nah thanks!

I was somewhat relieved that "Daddy" wasn't in a fowl mood after all, I think the call did it because he did ask me about it. He was excited that I was going to get a job. Sister wasn't home when we got home, nor when I got back from my long walk. I saw a few places to let, made a few phone calls, they were too expensive for ugly rooms, in ugly houses in a not cute neighbourhood, close to Daddy.

When I got home, El was on the computer, I went straight to bed. It had been a long day. Plus I didn't feel like interacting with him in any way, shape or form.

Sister got home, they hung out in the living room watching some tv. I must have gone to sleep around 7/8pm. Around 10pm, Elvis came in, turned the light on and woke me up. He wanted to know if I was asleep! Then he had a long conversation with himself about himself, just thinking out loud OUT LOUD, with me trying to sleep in the same room. He went to the toilet, pooped with the door open. Mind you, the bathroom is en suite! He would then go, "did you hear that?" I was like, I AM TRYING TO SLEEP, DO YOU FCKING MIND! He told me how I was the most negative person he ever met, he is just trying to make conversation, ABOUT POO WHILE I AM TRYING TO SLEEP! ARE YOU SHTTING ME? (pun intended haha). He went on and on, whining. Then the whining became threats, he was telling me how I was sponging off him, I didn't even want to spend any time with him or be intimate with him, "YOU'RE A COUCH SURFER! YOU ARE A COUCH SURFER!" I told him about couchsurfing! He didn't even know there was such a thing. He panicked every time he saw me on their website, I think he was afraid I was looking for my next home. I didn't meet him on CS, nor did I meet Perry there, so I don't know what he was talking about. If you want to hurt my feelings, calling me a couchsurfer is the last thing you should call me. In fact, I stopped caring a long time ago, very little hurts my feeling. Plus consider the source, nuff said!

He went on and on and on and omg ON! I got up, got dressed and got the fck out of his place, it was between 11pm and midnight by then, he had been giving it to me for more than an hour. I walked up and down the neighbourhood. I took my cellphone and some money with me cos I didn't know where I was going to end up. I looked for a hotel, motel, hostel, whatever, there was nothing in close proximity. I went and stood outside the police station and just stood there for hours. I was chatting to a friend of mine who lives in The Netherlands, who told me to find a restaurant close by and find out if they would let me sit there rather than standing my the street lamp outside the police station.

There is a Subway up the road from Elvis'. I went there and asked if I could hang out therefor an hour or two. They let me. I crashed there, but never really fell asleep. It was between 2 and 3 in the morning. By 5 in the morning, people started coming in and my cell battery was dead. I did the walk of shame back to his place. Sister was there when I left, she was awake on her love seat in the living room.I got back after 5, El was sound asleep and snoring. That's when I realised how truly mean a person he is! Your girlfriend, is wandering the streets of Los Angeles in the middle of the night and you're sleeping like a baby! Really! And  That man can snore! You have never heard anybody snore as loud as that man, trust me on that! You know when people say, how do you sleep at night? His answer would probably be, "like a baby!"

When I got back in, Sister was like, where the heck did you go? She told me she was worried about me. I was thinking to myself, " prove it!". Again, whatever, no fcks given! I hung out with her for about an hour or so. We talked about everything. Everything El had ever told me about...well, everything was a lie. The incident when Sister snapped at me and was telling me she was going to fck me up, she wasn't scared of me blah blah blah, with El watching, and not intervening? Well, the whole thing was orchestrated by Elvis! He told Sister he was going to tell me to beat her up (I know! ME! Like who have I ever beaten up?), knowing I had told him I was about to go to the kitchen to get some water, so when I came out of the bedroom, Sister thought I was going to beat her up, that's why she went on the defense. The list of stories is endless.

The apartment they live in, is their mom's. Basically El still lives at home, AT 55! Their father was in the army, when he died, the widowed wife started getting a certain amount of money, she also gets her grant/pension or whatever, that pays all the bills of the house. El only buys car parts with his money from Sears. His mom doesn't live with him, he lives at home, with his mom. The sister's case is understandable, she could care less about that stanky s place, she has her van. She was there to take care of her mom. She has her cats, she's fine. I couldn't ask the sister about abusing El when he was young, which I strongly believe is all a lie on account of, I didn't want to hurt her feelings. We talked and talked and she hugged me and cried and apologised for what she did that day. It was all her brother, my boyfriend's doing. I went to bed just before he got up, cos I didn't want to talk. He tried to talk to me, I pretended to be sleeping. Never slept a wink that day. Unlike him, I don't always sleep like a baby.

He got up in a good mood, as if nothing happened, I stayed in bed until he left for work around 10am. soon as he left, I got up and made more calls.

Push me through the floor!

El had a very old computer that he didn't want to replace. He kept telling me he was going to take it in for repairs which he never did. I offered to have a look at it. One day, while he was at work, I worked on it. One of the issues was that the memory was full, he kept getting the Low Disc pop up. It still baffles me why, because he literally has nothing save in the hard drive. The mouse was also old and faulty, probably more dirty than anything else. He had to wiggle it every time he needed to use it.I lent him my own mouse which I got from my mom, so it had sentimental value.

He seemed happy to come home to a working computer to do his facebooking (read:Stalk his exes on Facebook) and to shop for car parts for his Challenger. He has two friends on Facebook, and goes by the name John Smith. He told me that when Facebook suggests a friend to you, it's always someone who has looked you up on FB. If that particular person's name goes to the top of the list, it means that person has been frequently looking you up. Okay, Mr. 2 FB Friends! I'll take your word for it! Especially seeing as you're going by a pseudonym. I'm sure people know exactly what that is! #RollEyes

He was so happy I fixed his computer, he offered to take me to his favorite burger place to buy us his favorite burger! Basically, he was so grateful to me, he wanted to show it by treating himself. I politely declined the offer. It wasn't for me anyway #Narcissism. A few days thereafter, he complained about something with regards to the pc. I explained to him that it had nothing to do with what I had done to the PC. When he brought it up the second time, I knew he was going to be a pain in the neck about it, so I quietly went to the PC and undid all that I had done to fix it. While working on it, in the living room, he got on a call on his Magic Jack phones (landline which works through the internet). When I was done, I restarted the computer unaware that he was on the phone. Next thing I knew, he came out of the bedroom, walk towards me ever so calmly and hit me in the head saying, "you disconnected my call"! He proceeded calmly towards the kitchen and drank Diet Pepsi from the bottle, as if he didn't just hit someone in the head. Or hit someone period. I was stunned! I literally froze!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Romantic Repertoire

One night, daddy decided to take me out. He told me to dress up, it was going to be a romantic surprise. I got excited!  It was a cool winter night, as wintery as a Southern Californian night can be. He wore his usual; blue Levi's, a t-shirt and the leather jacket. We drove off into the night. The atmosphere was  neither here nor there. We drove through LA, he showed me the Hustler Casino, and the house he and his brother owned;  for the umpteenth time! I just went with it.
We had Tommy's burgers and fries, in the parking lot. Soon thereafter, we drove off. It was late, nine-ish. I did wonder, quietly inside, if he wasn't going to kill me, whether I should alert someone. You never know!

We drove past another one of his old places, a house, he used to rent an apartment upstairs. He told me that was when he was his brokest ('that a word?) The neighbourhood is different, didn't look that scary. He had shown me that before too, but who's counting? We soon arrived in Long Beach. Speaking of long, the drive seemed looooong, El's driving! No comment! Yay, the beach! The parking was packed! There was a hotel, or two, and a restaurant... or two! I was wondering where he was going to take me.

We found parking. He opened the back door and told me to get my sweater, as I'd mentioned, it was a bit cool. While getting something to drink at the back, he found a packet of Bounce, coconut and dark choc bars. He loves that stuff! I hate that stuff! He was so excited. You should see the back of that car. It can't be healthy eating anything coming from there, but okay. He locked the car, grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and breathed deeply, "What do you think?" about? (that's what I thought) but of course, I went with it, and was like, 'wow! It's pretty out here!'. I mean, I was still waiting for the main event.

We walked all the way across the parking. To our left, was the beach, we could see the lights from the ships, ugh, love it! And there was The Queen Mary, google it, if you will. I saw it on one of the Housewives' shows thereafter, and it was weird that I know where that is now and I have seen it. Anyway, I thought to myself, is he taking me there? Are we going to the hotel? The restaurant?

I tried to take pictures, he did tell me to take the camera along. Thing is, the pictures didn't come out that great, it was dark after all. He pointed at The Queen Mary and told me to take a picture of that. You know there's one thing about me, I don't know about you, but I hate it when someone tells me what to take a picture of with my own camera that I spent so much money on, making my own memories! Why should someone care which pictures I will have as my memories? I don't get it, #ControlFreaks! Perry used to do the same thing. I don't know if it's men of a certain age or what.

We walked towards the beach, away from the Buildings. It became evident that I was not going to a restaurant nor a hotel, at least not that night. We walked further away from everything really. I began to wonder. He seemed excited that he was making my day. That he was giving me something to tell my family about on Skype, next time we talked. That's another thing! Do things; for me; because you want to not to impress my family! You should try to impress me, why do you care about my family at this point in the game?

We found a bench, a lonely worn out, sad bench! Next to which was a lonely, sad bicycle! He told me to have a seat, with a big, satisfied smile on his face. My expression inside couldn't me farther from his. Talk about polar opposites. On the outside, I was all smiles, just like him. #Happiness #NOT

He couldn't wait to unwrap his chocolates and munch away, in no time, he was dark brown all around his mouth. Bleh! He put his arm around my neck, "So, tell me! Is this not the most romantic date you have ever been on?"

Monday, August 26, 2013

Adoptions and Fast Food

I ended up not going to the police. My sisters kept me occupied and calm on Skype. Imagine if something had happened and I was begged not to go to the police. How was I to get hold of El, he doesn't even have a cellphone! My gosh!

They recycle plastic at the house. As if there isn't enough going on in the apartment, there are garbage bins full of plastics, Pepsi empty bottles, yogurt, etc, very annoying. Sister is the one who does the recycling to make some pocked money for herself. One afternoon, El needed to go collect a parcel of his from a friend slash colleague of his. Here's a short story about this friend, it's a story I was told so many times, I could die!This guy is 28 or 30. He's gay, El is supposedly straight, the jury is still out on that! El is obsessed about this guy, he would like to ADOPT him! HE WANTS TO ADOPT A 30 YEAR OLD MAN! Is it me, or does that just not make any sense whatsoever? El wants to adopt a man who is the same age group as his girlfriend! This man, who he wants to adopt has his own apartment, nice apartment in a much nicer neighborhood than El's. That's where El has his mail delivered. It's a good 20-30 minutes drive from his place.

El's reason for wanting being so obsessed with adopting this man is because the guy is such a good person, he has a bright future ahead of him and El would like to mentor this guy, he (El) feels like he has a lot to offer, this guy and the world and this would be his way of giving back. WHAT THE FREAK? WHAAAATTTT? He told me that all his exes rolled their eyes whenever he told them that. Er, are you surprised. Poor El! the 18 year old he "dated" before me was a girl he met at work. He saw how intelligent he was and how bright her blah blah blah, he then decided to take her under his proverbial wing and mentored her. I hope he put a condom on his wing! She was the one who pushed to have a relationship because she found him so irresistible. He really never wanted to date her. Yeah, el! Okay! #BlankStare

On our way out to the car, heading for the Prospective adoptee's, El asked me to grab the garbage bins. I was like, oh no, this is not trash, it's your sister's recycle stuff. El was like, I know. He said so with such a smirk on his face. You just never know what that man is thinking or up to. But it's always no good, whatever he's up to. He told me he's the one who bought the stuff to begin with, and from the way she had been treating me, she didn't deserve the stuff, he was going to recycle the plastic, to spite her, if anything else. Wow! Ok!

He was yapping in the car about the guy and how  much he really wants to adopt him, whatevz! We got to the recycle yard, some of the bottles were never opened, full of Pepsi, and were ready to explode from the heat. Some were half full, we had to empty them up. I was so not interested. I kept pinching myself, what had my life gotten to? I mean, it was homeless people and us! El cut in front of all those people and went straight to the front. Lord, so embarrassing. Where did I find this man? All of a sudden he is better than the people at the recycle yard, dude, you're here for the very same reason they are, chill out! They let him cut in front of them, he can be very charming, how do you think he got me? The guy's a salesman!

We got a little more than $5. He came in the car going hahahahaha, you know the evil laugh? I had a feeling, he wasn't trying to spite nobody, he was putting cash in his pocket, he needed it! WE drove forever to the guy's house. El was going to pick up a cart, one that looks just like the one I paid for when he "borrowed" money from me after our amazing time in LA.

I got hungry on the way there, we had left the apartment before lunch, daddy said he would buy us lunch on the way, he asked what I wanted. I was like, anything. I'm easy to please :)
We passed to many fast food places, he kept saying, the next one. Then he told me he wanted me to try some hot wings, highly recommended (probably highly cheap too, but who's counting? Right?) . Then he was like, no I will get you pizza. Then it was fish burgers. I said, you know what? KFC. What? KFC! Or the colonel! I'm like, who says that? " It's the colonel! Colonel Saunders!" Uhm, I know that, but nobody calls KFC that, come on now! "we do, here in the states!" Ai, I rest my case! Anyway, he told me we had passed KFC, he was going to buy it for me on our way back.

We arrived at his "adopted son's" apartment block, which a nice place! I asked El if his colleague can afford to stay there, why does he move there too, cos he told me he likes the place. He was like, I knew you were going to say that. Every time I bring a girl here, they ask me the same question! Ugh, turn off! Why you gotta bring up your exes every time we talk about stuff, yuck! the package was outside this guy's door, or at least some random person's apartment door, we got there, we grabbed it, we left. It was really random. That could have been any body's parcel really. Turns out El had never been inside that apartment. For all you know the poor guy doesn't even know he has his parcels delivered there. for all you know, he doesn't even know El plans to adopt him! Maybe he's not even up for adoption! His probably not in the system!

Anyway, we left, with me exited, I was finally gonna have something to eat. It had been a while since I had KFC. As we approached KFC, El, told me it was going to be cheaper to get me Buffet. That way, I could have a variety of food. Ok! At that point, I didn't even care. He told me he wasn't hungry, he was just going to get one meal for me. Fair enough. weird, cos he's always hungry, but ok. I'll take it!

On our way to hometown buffet, we drove past a van (caravan),he asked if  I would still love him if he moved us into one of those after his mother dies. I was like, say what nah? He laughed and told me he was serious, he had been planning to do that for the longest time. He told me he doesn't get why people pay so much rent for accommodation when they spend most of their time at work, he said all he needs a house for is for sleeping. He was going to downsize after his mother's passing. I was like, what is it about the men I date? Is it me or what? For some reason, they all want to downsize into caravans. Of course we spent a while arguing that those are not called caravans, whatever Mistra Know It all! I thought to myself, I'd be damned! I didn't come to America to be homeless. Especially with a much older narcissistic man, over my dead body! I quietly went, "of course, I'll go anywhere with you! I love you!" He laughed and said, I hope you will still love me when we live in a van! We got out of the car and he was like, "You're going to pay, right?" AWKWARD! all this time, he knew he was going to make me pay? I mean, I don't care, but why did you waste so much time, if you knew I'm paying? I could have bought food at the first place we saw!

Remember the reason he took me to Hometown Buffet was because it's cheaper and I was going to get a nice variety of food. I got there, he picked two containers (one for me AND ONE FOR HIM!). My treat! He was treating himself with my money! What a loser! Gosh! My heat beat faster and faster, until I had to say something, I was like,you said you were not hungry, all of a sudden, you're hungry and I'm paying, plus this place is more expensive than KFC, what is this? Don't get me wrong, I don't care about any of that, my point was the principle of it. He pissed me off, that's all! He was acting very shady!

He just smiled, and ignored my pissed offness, he got tons of food, telling me, he was going to share with his sister and his mother. Boy have I head that story before. We all know his sister and his mommy live in his belly. We dished up, I paid, we left. I started eating in the car, he asked me to spoon feed him. Meaning, I shouldn't eat, I should dedicate my time to him. Always the case, so annoying. Plus, I thought you weren't hungry? He got pissed that I wasn't doing it right, so he grabbed the fort and started focusing on the pate.  HELLO, L.A. TRAFFIC, eyes on the road, driver!

We dropped the package off at his storage in Hollywood. When we got home, he took whatever was left of his food into the bedroom, munched some more, then put sloppy left overs in the fridge. He told his sister that was going to be his lunch for the following day, they shouldn't touch it.

Jerry Springer

Still nothing on the job front. I spent my time, hanging around the apartment, going out with El on his off days, the sister, the works.

I started picking up weird vibes from El's sister. I didn't know what triggered them and didn't want to be forward and ask. I would mention something to El, instead he would make the whole thing about him. He enjoyed hearing someone trash his sister, if you want to make his day, talk badly about his sister. I tried not to go there, all I wanted to know was what changed. El would keep egging me on to beat her up, he would say things like, my ex would have already beat her up by now. Or, can you see why someone would just wanna beat her up, or doesn't she make you just wanna beat her up? No, grandpa, she doesn't! I am not that kind of person! Haven't you met me? I'm a lady, what the heck!

I remember when I was still San Diego, he would always ask me on our teleconversations if I had been or know of anybody who had been on the Jerry Springer show. He told me that one of his exes cousin had been. Her story had been so crazy, they did a follow up show on it, so she was there twice. Yeah, sure #RollEyes.

One morning, everybody was home, I had just woken up. Whenever El got up, first thing he would do, would be to go to the kitchen to grab something to eat, he would eat throughout the day and night! The scenario would be him getting up, jumping out of bed as if he just remembered something very important, open the bedroom door. Sister sleeps in the living room but she gets up very early, he would as much as open the door and she would start, then they would have a huge argument. Every single morning. It would escalate to the point where I would freak out cos I thought it was going to get physical. It never did. This particular morning, I went to the kitchen, El was still asleep, sister was watching TV, she made some snide remarks about fat, black women. There was a fat, black lady on tv who had just won lots of money on a game show. Sister went on about how she doesn't get why that lady would be so happy being so fat, I was like, because she just won a lot of money, wouldn't you be happy? She went on and on about how there's nothing to be happy about looking like she does, blah blah blah, it was personal. It had nothing to do with that lady.

I didn't get why she was being so mean, I took my delayed reaction and went back to the bedroom. I told El what had just happened. He really didn't care, he told me stories about how she is racist and intolerant and bah and bla and and and. Whatever, I went back on my bff, my laptop and tuned them all out. Sister was still carrying on in the living room about young, fat, black ladies sleeping with black me for money. I could hear her. You could tell she had intended for me to. I told El that if I dated older white men for money, I definitely never would have met his sister, because I wouldn't have been with El. Come on now, dude works at Sears, lives with his mom, his sister and her two cats in a two bed apartment. Let's be realistic now! El started again with his, "I wouldn't blame you at all for beating her up, that's what my ex would have done by now..."

He got up and went to the kitchen, I told him not to confront her about it, I got it! i wanted to handle it myself. Of course, the moment he opened the door, they started with their usual fights. Sometimes El would speak softly, I wouldn't hear everything he said but the sister can yell! After their morning argument. I could tell that the argument was about me, but I didn't know what exactly El was saying. From Sister's responses, it sounded like he was defending me, which was nice of him. I'm not used to people being on my side, I'm used to fighting my own battles, or rather not fighting, just ignore and move on. He had asked me before he went to the kitchen, "I'm about to go out there now, are you going to follow me and beat her up while I'm out there?" The tone in which he asked the question was rather ambiguous, I couldn't tell if he meant that he wished I would or he would have preferred I didn't. Either way, I would do no such thing. I did tell him that at some point, I was gonna go get myself a drink of water, so of course I did. He was standing in the kitchen, she was standing in front of him, there wasn't that much space to move, I walked towards them, she turned around to face me, got all up in my face, was yelling and spitting and being all round scary and gross, she was so in a zone, her eyes looked like they were gonna pop out.

I stood there waiting for her to get out of the way so I could pass and go to the kitchen. She was punching her hand, literally inches away from my face, saying, "I can take you down! I'm not scared of you, come on mutha fcker, come on!" I tell ya, I'd never seen anything like it! I was glad Elvis was there, to, hopefully chime in, should she completely lose it. I did not utter a word. Surprisingly, neither did El. I wasn't sure what to make of that. He just stood there and watched. She finally got out of the way, by then so many emotions were going through me, I was shaking. I got my water and went back to the bedroom. On my way back, she was standing in front of the bedroom. she always wanted us to keep the bedroom door closed because if the cats got in there and hid behind all the clutter, it was a mission to get them out. To spite her, I left the door open. She stood in front of the bedroom with both cats in hand and was shoving them in my face. The cats were ready to scratch me, they were making the sound cats make when they're pissed off. I was in trouble. El had already gone back to the bedroom. I stood there praying that the cats wouldn't scratch my face. Who knows what kind of grossness and diseases was under their claws? It was a very scary moment, a very scary day altogether, really. I cringe when I think about it.

When I got back in the room, El was about to leave. He, for the first time since I had moved in, needed to go somewhere and wasn't gonna take me with him. He always took me along. He said, "Don't do anything stupid ok?" All I told him was, I was going to call the police because she had threatened me and I wasn't feeling safe anymore. He persuaded me not to call the cops, he told me daddy is there for me, nothing will happen to me as long as he's around. I was like but you just stood there when she was in my face intimidating me. He said that that was because he wasn't scared. ER, hello! It wasn't for you to be scared! You weren't being intimidated, I was, WTF!

He left me there with that raging monster!

I locked the bedroom door and skyped my BFF's, my sisters! The sister was still carrying on and on about "you're going down mutha fcker, you're going down!" My sisters could hear her. It was a crazy day in that apartment that day. I sat in there until El came back. He was gone for quite a while. So much for the sisterhood!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Sexual Harassment

So Elvis had nothing nice to say about his sister. I mean, I have more nice things to say about her than him and He's the Daddy! Amongst other things, he told  me how the sister met her late ex-husband. He told me that he was married. Sister was single. He was a mechanic, she needed her car fixed, so she used to go to him, and paid him in kindness. Apparently she would go there even when she didn't need the car fixed. Anyway, they ended up together. The guy was married with a new born baby. He impregnated sister and subsequently left the wife and the baby to be with Sister. Apparently Sister showed no remorse for breaking up a "happy family" apparently, she and this lady were friends too. They had been friends since high school but the sister didn't care, she was doing her. Anyway, I thought wow, what kind of person does that to a friend! I had to take it with a pinch of salt because Sister was nothing but kind to me. It wasn't fair of me to judge and Elvis has been known to twist the truth. Like how he told me to tell the sister, if she asked that we knew each other before, I had to move to New York to be with my family. I had been back in the west coast for a while, the water something heater thing had broken in my apartment and the landlord kicked us out (my roommates and I), so he could fix it. None of that happened, obviously! And i had to lie and say  I was in my mid forties. Says someone who dated an 18 year old two years prior, ACCORDING TO HIM #SideLook. I never told sister that, lying is not my thing. I never told her how we really met either, I would just change the subject whenever that came up. Very uncomfortable! So at the laundromat, she asked me if he had ever taken me to a nice restaurant. That made me think a little. I mean we had been to a restaurant or two, but I don't know Nice American Restaurants. She was like, I don't mean, fast food restaurants, I just laughed that off and change the subject. she did give me something to think about though.

Anyway, one afternoon, while cleaning the house, I decided to tackle the kitchen, or the fridge because that was a project on its own. They had all kinds of old, rotten stuff in there, some from 2009, more than 3 years old, in fact, that stuff expired in 2009. Who knows how long it had been there? I cleaned the freezer, the top shelf of the fridge and Sister came home. She talked about herself non-stop, standing in front of the fridge, it's a small kitchen. It's also a small apartment, she could have just sat on her couch/bed, in the living room  and talked. I would have heard her, she was loud enough. She gets really passionate when she tells these stories of hers. All of which I have already heard from El. Only, their versions are polar opposites of each other. She was telling me about her son, how much she misses him, how their relationship became estranged, etc.

I promise, I will, as soon as the internet permits, show you pictures, I will see if I can post one of Sister's son and just fog it out a bit, dude is foine!!!! Anyway, I thought, seeing as I had heard that story a gazillion times already, that was a great opportunity for me to ask her how she met the son's father. She was already telling me about how he was so abusive, she loved him so much, but she had to leave him because she needed to live! I had to leave! I had to live! Lordy! She was on a trip about how she is so alone, the only sibling she has is a nuisance, her mother is dying, she never really loved her because she didn't do much when she got raped, the one person who really loved her was her father, but he died; he only child wants nothing to do with her and her husband died, his family didn't even tell her so she missed his funeral. HO- HOL- HOLD UP!  You missed your own husband's funeral? How did you get that right? First of all, how could you not know he passed away? excuse me! Excuse me! Sorry! Sorry, Just a sec! Can you... I just wanted her to be done with the stories already because she was standing in my way, I'm trying to clean here! When I was done with the first shelf, she told me, "that's enough, the rest of it is fine" Uhm, I'm sure it is, but I'm bored, let me do the rest of it! What the H! Don't tell me what to do! This wasn't your idea to begin with!

Anyway, she told me how she met him, he had just gotten separated from his wife, blah blah blah, they became friends, then once the divorce was finalised they got together. You should have heard me fire her with all kinds of questions cos I had already heard someone else's version of the story, I wanted to see who was lying. It was very close. Who am I fooling, It wasn't close, I still don't know who was telling the truth. for some reason, the money is on El though, his version was a complete lie! To cut a long story short, everything that El told me had happened, only it wasn't Sister who did all those things, it was an old friend of Sister's who was trying to steal him from Sister. they never had a kid together though, the friend and sister's hubby.

By the time he died, him and sister had long divorced, because she had to leave because she needed to live. For her son.

Elvis told me some interesting stories about the son and Sister too. Apparently, sister had a great job for 13 years with the same company. She lived a lavish life and I suspect El can't get over that, even though he "has a Business Administration degree" and was a manager of a few stores once. #SideLook

One of the stories are that, she was jobless on one of the Son's birthdays. She decided to take him to a fancy restaurant. They had everything they wanted, when came time to pay, she sent him to the car to get something, and followed right after him. They never paid for their meal. Allegedly! Remember, pinch of salt!

The stories are endless. It's a darn shame that a Brother will tell such character assassinating stories about his own sister, I really didn't need to know any of this, I didn't need to hear those stories, they have nothing to do with El and I. Instead of him talking about his eyes and maintaining eye contact while doing so, he would rather close his eye and talk about his sister. What a shame!

He did talk about his Exes, the 18 year old who was amazing in bed and the twenty something year old he had recently broken up with who was all boobs and a*s; the one who had videos on youtube, etc.

While he was on sick leave, he took me to his Storage garage. I had been there a few times already. It's in Hollywood right by some recording studio. I'm forgetting the name, I have pictures though, you will see on the upcoming picture blog. Everybody who is Anybody had recorded there. It was quite awesome being right by the gate of it! Anyway, we went to the garage, he wanted me to see that he had stuff, he wasn't just some guy blah blah blah, he has his car in there, a 1940 something Dodge challenger. He had owned the car since he was 16 and had been moving around with it in all his moves from all the house he had "owned".It's a project he had been working on for the past ten years. The thing is stripped and freshly painted, and he wonders why it has a few scratches already. He is going to get someone to fix the scratches, before they even work on the engine. I was like, how about you finish fixing it first, then paint it? He said, because that's not how you do it! Ok then!

He has it parked in the storage with tons and tons of stuff on top of it, I mean, he has tents, cat cages, and I don't know what, granted, he covered it up with a blanket, but still! He has a Coca Cola Fridge from some century in there, which, he says eventually, when he has his own house (without me, I ain't sticking around for that sht), he will have a man cave with all kinds of Coca Cola Memorabilia blah blah blah. He asked if I would let him have such a "cave" I was like, of course! Love you! (yuck!) He has more coca cola stuff in the apartment and another fridge! he also has a venting machine that sells everything for ten cents. He says he will have ten cents coins and give him to his guest whenever they want to buy coke. Nice idea, daddy! ON PAPER!

From Hollywood, we went to Walmart, then back home. Late that night, went to a different 99 cents store. One we had never been to before. I tell you they are a dime a dozen in LA, no pun intended. On our way there, the mood in the car was rather sombre. He asked if I trusted him. "Of course, I do! What's up?" I really don't. He told me that there's a case brewing at his work. Sexual Harassment. Tink! A bell rang in my head, he was probably suspended as a result of the case, he didn't have no flu, he was as good as rain! He told me that there's a girl at work who always goes to his dept to hang out with his colleague. She always says hi, how are you to him and that's it. But for some reason, his manager, because he is such a great employee, told him off the record that that girl filed a sexual harassment case against him. Apparently there's something she claims he said to him even though they hardly ever talk to each other. He told me that that girl is a poor employee, is still new, still on her three month probation and probably wants to get permanent by throwing him under the bus. He doesn't think it's personal, just his luck that she picked him.

He told me that he knows things about that girl, things that if he would tell she could lose her job but it was too late for him to say anything because, why was he quiet all along? It wasn't gonna be a good look. He told me that that's where I come in. Me? What'd I do? Well, I need you to call in or fax a letter to work reporting this girl. Tell them that you saw her pocketing money from the cash register blah blah blah. I knew there and then that I was doing no such thing, screw him, let his dodgy s go down! Chances are he's guilty anyway! He told me he had already asked Sister to write a letter to the job, he told her how to word it. She is working on it. I was like, I'm surprised she agreed to that. He was like, She owes me a lot, she will do anything I say. Wow! I'm glad I don't owe you sht then cos I ain't doing that!

We went in, got what we needed, then left. It was a really weird ride back home. With him dropping a bomb like that to me. He had been talking a lot about quiting his job around those days. It all made sense!