Monday, June 20, 2011

Akhaltsikhe - New Castle

Thursday, 16th
Hard to believe training is over and we're about to part with the new friends we just just made! Sad day!
I've spent more time with some than others and was looking forward to getting to know everybody better. I feel like we've all been robbed!
We finished packing, some waited for their host families to pick them up at the lounge. I was in my room, chatting with my sister, on Facebook and on Twitter. I was nervous I might not have the internet at my new home, in which case, I felt, I needed to talk to my loved ones one last time.
I was nervous! Mostly sad. I couldn't make eye contact with anyone, I just wanted to cry. I took a picture of everyone standing waiting for their names to be called. Unfortunately I can't post it here, so don't look out for that one! I know! I know! There's always a story about my pictures. Sorry. At 1pm, our names were called out and we were united with our families or family representatives. I left in the same car as my room mate Harriet from New Zealand, we will be based in the same area. Clint won't be far from us, so he was in a car that followed us all the way to Akhaltsikhe (pronounced in Xhosa like so Arhaltsirhe). The drive was a whole another blog post! So brace yourself!
3hrs later, we arrived! Motion sickness and all. Oh and I had to use the bathroom on the way, so I went to a hole on. The ground, stinky! Stinky! And gross omg! I don't wish that loo on my worst enemy!
We went to the regional police station and were introduced to the bosses. Nice offices! Nice people! Clint left with some cops for his hotel, his family was not back from somewhere yet, so he was to stay at a hotel by his lonesome until the weekend. That didn't make sense to any of us. Why couldn't he stick around here and hang out with us until his family arrived seeing as we won't be working until Monday?
Harriet and I were taken to the Police station, nice building! Brand new, made of green glass! Clearly those police officers should know better than to throw stones cos people who stay in glass houses... You know the idiom! There, we were introduced and offered coffee again. It's nice how the TV's are on or dvd's and stuff at the offices here. Well, it's interesting that they have big LCD plasma's in their offices to begin with. The perks of having a low crime rate! Touch wood!
We then were asked if we were hungry, to which we said, 'YESSSSSS'. They took us, in 2cars! Just Harriet and I! To a restaurant down the road. It was very nice! We went to a special room where the table was set with some fine china. I was getting more and more emotional by the second. Everything made me want to ball my eyes out, EVERYTHING! I've got the pics for all this, let's see if at some stage, I'll be able to post them here.
I ordered Khinkali. The dumpling with a surprise mince ball inside! I've had Chinese ones before, those are smaller, these are a bit bigger and they add pepper over them at the table. Which makes them look nicer.
The food will be a whole another post as well.
We left about an hour later. I was dropped off, met my family, which was waiting outside the house for me with a few neighbours. We went upstairs, they showed me my room, I wanted to lock myself up and cry my lungs out, they wouldn't leave me alone. I had to be nice and polite.

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