Friday, June 10, 2011

So long SA, I'll miss you terribly!

A lot has happened since I last posted. To sum it up:

Monday, 6 June
While back home, I Uitenhage, I finally found someone to do my hair, we started Monday afternoon, four hours later, I got an email that my ticket's been booked for Thursday the 9th of June. I'd been previously been told to avail myself from the 10th onwards, which is why I was still in the Eastern Cape and not the Western Cape where I'd be flying out from.
The pressure was on! We did my hair at my aunt's until midnight. Fortunately the chick that did my hair's boyfriend didn't pick her up after she called him and ran out of airtime. So we were able to work until that hour. My sis and I helped a bit with the hair as well.

Tuesday, 7th June
We were up at 6am, and were back at work! I got a bus booking with Greyhound for 10pm in PE. Tha meant I'd have to leave latest, by 9pm for the bus. 8hands later (my hairstylist got her 2partners to come help) we finished doing my hair at 8pm. Not finished finished, I still had to finish twisting at at a later stage, I asked them to just plant the extension on, for the last bit.
Thulani, (an angel that used to date my niece and a friend of my bro's ) picked me up at the terminus, dropped me at mine, let me stuff my stuff in my bag, while he dashed to my bro's to pick my laptop up. We left Uitenhage at 8:23pm and arrived at the bus station at 9pm. Perfect timing!
The bus ride is a story for a whole another day!

Wednesday, 8th June
My bro-in-law picked me up, dropped me at my sis' and left for work, I dozed off on the couch for 2hrs, my bro came over to c me (needless I've got lots of bro's and sis'). We hung out until after 8pm, when the rest of the fam, ie my bro-in-law and sis were back. Sis cooked yummilicious pasta with viennas and chicken and I Lord knows what else, just thinking about it makes my mouth water! My sis, Pru and I hung out in my room for a bit, then she went to bed. We both had to be up early the next day.

Thursday 9th June
I finished packing, unpacked and left a few things behind, went and got $ at the mall, what a hassle it was! Internet cafe etc, left for the airport. The bro-in-law dropped me off, and rushed for work, it was already 1pm shame.
I had to call Georgia and ask them to book me a return ticket, urgently because this was a problem at the airport. They didn't want to allow me to leave the country on a one way ticket. Which is a good thing cos now I know I'll be coming back and that I'm not going to be kidnapped and sold to Europe for 50cents, thanks SA!
Got my ticket a few mins later, checked everything in, went and waited to board. Called the fam, to say bye, chocked half to death cos it was so hard. Dang, I remember everything everyone said cos in that moment, it's like watching your life pass you by. It's weird cos I always work away frm home, In a whole another province, but that's nothing compared to this!
I sat next to a nice guy called Angus frm CT, sweet man, he's going for a hike in Eastern Eurpoe somewhere.
I was the only black person in the flight to Joburg, Turkey and Tbilisi! I'm saying this because man did I get stared at on the way!


uhooi said...

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Invisible said...

Hey Brook, welcome. :-)

If you have free time at evening-day time send me an email at irakli_n at yahoo dot com and we'll sit somewhere in Tbilisi for Turkish coffee and Khachapuri. :-)

Invisible said...

P.S. Get used to be stared because you will get it a lot - it is just part of an daily life. I was born and lived in Georgia for 23 year but get a lot of stares when I walk on streets. You, having different skin color will get even more stares. :-)

Brook said...

LoL I'll let you know when I've time.

Brook said...

Nothing could have prepared me for these!
I can't say you didn't warn me tough :)