Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tbilisi by night

Training started every morning at 9 and our day would be packed until 9pm. Which was super hectic!
Saturday, 11 June
After training, we went on a walk to see the city. It started off as if we were just going to check out the neighborhood. An hour and tons of pictures later, we decided to walk back! Yup! And my group can walk fast, my gosh! It was more like a power walk than anything else. Oh and sight seeing.
I loved ever bit of it! Tbilisi is beautiful by night. I can't say anything about daytime beause I haven't been anywhere during the day.
We saw the president's palace. It's nice, like all pres' residences, it's a huge white house! We walked along this massive river on our way and finally made it home! We walked for a little over 2hours FAST! And managed to sight see :D.
I didn't even go to the bedroom, I headed straight to the bathroom, showered, jumped into bed and died! Pics will be on FB and if possible here as well. I'll inform you when I post them, where you can view them.

Monday 13th June
The 3 volunteers that hadn't had their medical check, me included were taken to the doctor's during lunch. We urinated in a cup, walked down the hallway back to reception, urine in tow, and had our blood samples drawn. Left there, driver and Tatia, gave us a bit of a tour of Tbilisi. Back to hotel, lunch, class.
we got our medical aid (or insurance) cards and bank cards.
Tuesday, 14th
We signed our official contracts.
Later on, we decided to take a marshrutka (shared taxi) somewhere to eat. It cost 50 Tetri (R2 or $0.30). We went up to the fortress. The hike took 45 mins! I went up a very high, dangerous looking, narrow flight of stairs, that didn't even have a rail on the side to hold on to. And hiked the whole thing until the tip. I'm so proud of myself. It's official! Fear of heights is no longer a fear for me! I conquered my fear! Yessssssss!
We walked back down, after posing for numerous pictures and found a small fast food restaurant where most of the guys had magarita pizzas, shwarma's, and I had a pork meal. I didn't feel like bread. So I had chips (fries), and pork. Absolutely divine and hot! We had a hot meal for the first time in Georgia! No more room temperature crap!
We walked home, it's about an hour's walk. We enjoyed it though. We passed the same route we did two nights before but this time found a powerpoint slide show thingy going on near the president's palace. It's like water sprinkling out from the ground, way up, in like a cirle. If you look at the sprinkles you see a slide show of amazing pictures of Georgia! I've never seen anything like it! We need something like that in South Africa! I reckon let's do it like in Soweto! The least expected place! That was awesome in the true sense and I'll never forget it! Everyone needs to see that even if it's once in their life.
Got home dog tired, went straight to shower. Missed my sis' calls. Felt horrible about that. She sent me an sms (text) and an email telling me not to worry her hubby just wanted to surprise me. So I stopped worrying :).
I updated my blog, atleast I tried, when I tried to post it, Opera Mini froze! I left it like that the whole night for it to defrost itself. Slept after 1am. Got up, still frozen, I had to take the battery out. Lost all the info I spent almost 30 mins jotting down. Great!
Wednesday 15th
Last day of training whoot!
Nice day all round. I didn't have to take pain killers today! I've been suffering from headaches since I got here, so yeah. I've got the flu, but I'll live. Stomach ache gone as well.
We had people from the police academy come talk to us about our summer job of teaching the police English. It'll be 18 hrs per week, for 3mnths. Hopefully I'll be able to occupy myself what with all the free time I'll have. We were placed in our areas. I'll be in Akhaltsikhe. Apparently it's a small town South of georgia, 30km frm the boarder of Turkey. Good times! I'm really excited about that! It won't take me long to get to Turkey. Whoot!
My room mate will be staying in a village like 12km from my place. And Clint, another teacher will be 30km away from me. Mine's apparenty a Jewish area, where people mainly speak Armenian.
We start work on Monday, the 20th. Which means, freedom this weekend with new family!
I wonder what we're all do? I wonder if anyvody speaks English. Omg, what? I actually wrote that with a British/New zealand accent. Can you tell? Smh!
We went out last night. All of us, a small group left earlier to go to the bookstore, another one took a marshrutka, we walked! Yup! I was in the group that walked, can you see a change in me and my attitude already? I know! I know! Thank you!
We met up with the rest of the guys, found a cafe, bought some drinks and drank on the side of the road. Yeah, you can do that here and not get into trouble at all! We hung out outsied for more than an hour just bonding. The gypsies (bos slaapers) came and caused some havoc! They grapped a huge chunk of one of our guy's shwarma! Then he pulled his hand away, and another gypsy grabbed the rest of the thing frm behind him. I've got pics to prove it, but won't share them cos he was not impressed with me taking that money pic of him. I still think it was hilarious. Especially cos it happened to him!
We took pictures, got drunk, went to a bar, called something like Budapest or Budebar, dunno! they closed at 2, and that's when we left, took a cab for GEL 5, (R20 or $3). Got home, hung out for another hour or so and most of us went to sleep. Not before I went to Michelle and Amy's room and we talked about, you know, girl's stuff.
I slept before 5 am and got up after 7. Gotta go shower, it's just before 9 and they serve breakfast until 9:30.


Invisible said...

> I'll be in Akhaltsikhe.
Ouch! :-) It will be touch ride... It is Depresville...

Good luck girl and take a lot courage... and expect blank stares when you walk on a street.

> Mine's apparenty a Jewish area,
> where people mainly speak Armenian.
Ouch on power of 10. Jewish people speak Hebrew, Armenian people speak Armenian, which obviously is not Georgia.

P.S. If you are into history, medieval castles and so on - you are in the right place. Withing 30km is three big historical attractions - Khertvisi Castle, Tmogvi Castle and Cave City Vardzia. You WILL see all of them.

P.P.S. You WILL walk a lot - Akhaltsike does not have any formal public transportation (marshrutkas not included) and you can cross it walking in an hour.

Brook said...

I'll be in the city itself so I'll be happy to be walk wherever I need to go if my family will allow me because they have cars. I saw the castle on google and am looking forward to checking it and any other tourist attraction points out.