Sunday, June 05, 2011

Welkom by Uitenhage

I arrived in Uitenhage at 9:00 am, called a cab, paid R20 (5GEL / $3) for a 1km ride. Mom was on her way out. Uncle was fast asleep. I chatted a bit with my mom, she gave me a jersey, a polo neck and a nice and warm Jacket. Of course, my bags are already packed for the final destination and I don't have space. Guess I'll have to re-pack. Cos I like what I got:) and I haven't packed enough warm clothes. Can you pack enough anything anyway? Smh!
I freshened up, stole mom's handbag, called my friends and hit the road, just after I munched on some fat cakes mom bought. I needed to walk!
I strolled to the taxi rank, went to Gunguluza to see an old friend from college. I met her 4kids, hung out at hers while she updated me on her life. My friend frm previous work, came by, we all chatted, another chick, popped in about 2hrs later, it was time for me to leave. It had begun getting dark. Friend #2 and I took jikeleza (local taxi much cheaper than cab) to the Spar, and another one to her aunt's to drop her baby!
By the time we got to taxi to town, it was like night time out! At around 6pm. I called a friend and asked him to pick me up in town. He did, got to mine, moms not back yet, uncle fast asleep, I asked him to drop me at my bro's. I got there after 6/before 7pm. THEY WERE FAST ASLEEP!
They let me in, we all sat and talked until around 11. That's when I went to bed. Apparently mom got home at 8:30pm.
This morning, Sunday, 5 June, I got up, had breakfas, left over chicken and bread, and hit the road.
Got home at 9:30am. I left my bro's at 8:23! Mom was busy off-loading the bakkie. She needed to use it to go to church. Apparently Joyous Celebration is in town! Church servise started at 9, she's still here at 9:30. She said it finishes at 11, she left at 10:50.
I fed my uncle, took an hour long bath. Now I'm nice and sleepy.
I've to meet a friend and my aunt's expecting me at 12. It's now 12:42 and my eyes are half closed.

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