Monday, June 20, 2011

Yesterday, I Cried

My family is super nice! I love them!
My mother speaks English (Self taught!). She has 2 sons, one's 25 and married. They have a 5yr old son. (The son and his wife, not with his own mother!). I live with the son, wife and 5yr old. The mother has another son, 20 year old guy, they stay in a village 10minutes away frm the city. The mother also lives with her husband, of course. I've been invited to go see the village house when I'm free. I'm up for it!

I called everyone from my group to see if they got home safely and how they liked their families, if anyone speaks any English, the works. Whoever I couldn't get hold of, I sent a text to. I felt better afterwards. I also called my sister, Pru and she talked to my host mother for like a minute.

I couldn't have dinner with them my first night here because I was so full from the restaurant food. I did teach them for about an hour, and hour and a half of course. Important (to me) stuff like 'Dinner time!, breakfast, and lunch time! Hello how are you? I'm fine, etc).

I came to my room around 10 pm. Mainly to spend some time alone before bedtime. This whole time I'm trying not to cry. Sooooo emotional!
My house is nice and big. The rooms are huge! They gave me the master bedroom and have moved to the guest bedroom/dining room. We share closet space. I've a tv in my room that I don't use cos everything's in Georgian. They're in the process of installing cable (dstv) for me to be able to watch some English shows. There's another dining room, that we now use only as a computer room. Computer was bought and internet activated the next day! Which was a nice surprise! I had accidentally activated blackberry service on my phone on Thursday. Call it communication breakdown, I'm glad I did because I was able to be in touch with the world Friday morning before they got internet.

Friday 17 June
I went to bed around 11 last night and was up around 5/6. I discovered that my internet was working on my blackberry, good times! I started chatting on facebook and twitter and later on email. It took me a minute to figure out how to set the email up.
I got a text frm one of the guys that I left messages for last night. For some reason, that made me sad. I sobbed like I just lost my husband to unnatural causes of death!
I hoped nobody will want to come in for some reason or other. Well. . . My sister kept coming. I hid the fact that I was crying until I couldn't anymore. She came in, looked at me, saw that I looked like... Well, like I did, came and sat next to me and asked what was wrong. I think. I took a dictionary pointed at myself, at miss, back to myself and family. Quite frankly, I don't know why I cried! I was happy to be with these nice people, was in touch with my family and didn't really miss them like that cos you've always been far away from the family anyway, things were great! But I just wanted and needed to cry!
Call it Bloody Culture Shock aka the unexplainable! What? That's a word! Autocorrect did not underline that! Interesting!
I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and hoped that nobody calls me and hears me sounding like I would if they had. I did lose my voice to the flu though, so I already don't sound like myself.
I got a call from the police people. They told me CNN had a do and wanted to invite me. Someone would be here in ten to 15mins to pick me up. It was 11 or 12 midday, I was in my nightie, crying like a baby and had no plans for the day, but to cry until I couldn't anymore.
I had to get over myself and rush. My sister was in my room, tearing up, it would have been a disaster if I hadn't got that call. Got to the bathroom, caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and cried all over again! I heard the hooter (honking?). It was the police! They were on time. So far, I haven't experienced GMT (Georgian Maybe Time). Everyone's been pretty on time! I got ready, jumped in the car. Had my glasses on to cover up the eyes. We picked Harriet up and off we went!

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