Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moving Out?

Michelle and I planned that she'll come spend the weekend here. I assumed my family would be okay with it. Especially, considering the 'mom' knows all about her frm snooping through my photos. She knows she's the girl whose host family hosted me when I spent the weekend in Batumi. One day, I got home from work, my host dad's mother was here. Great! She can do some translation for me! I asked if Mich can come for the weekend. She didn't seem pleased and told my host mom, who walked away. She asked if it's a girl friend or a boy. I told them a boy. I mean really now! She mumbled a long story, they both did, and all that was translated to, ' you should ask the host dad!'. I could see they were not chuffed. I thought not to ask the dad. But after a few days, I was like, screw it, I'm asking him. I called him frm work, no answer! My assistant said we can use her phone, she doesn't pay for calls. I indulged her (cos I also don't pay for calls to my host dad), he answered immediately. Which makes you wonder why my calls were not answered. He asked him in Georgian, he asked if it's a boy or a girl, when learning it's a girl, he agreed. He said something else, the assistant laughed (she doesn't even know him!). I asked what he said, she said, nothing!

I told Mich the family agreed to her spending the weekend here.

Thursday, 21 July
I got a call from our resource centre regarding my wanting to move out of my host family's place. The lady said she was on her way to the police station. We met for the first time, she asked me how work was with a huge smile that I didn't get, but oh well, at least it's a smile. I told her ok thanks, she asked then why do you want to leave? Uhm, I want to change host families not police stations!
She told me this might be a lengthy process as she doesn't have any families on standby and on the stame breath, she asked me to stay one more night at the house and she'd move me Friday, as she has a few families on stand by. I was left confused. She asked me to tell her more about why I want to move. As I was blabbing away, she cut me off and said, it was nice to meet you, feel free to call me anytime! And walked away!
I had to tell Mich about the developments as this could change things with regards to her spending the weekend here. I felt so bad!
When I got home, my 'mom' asked where my friend was. She knows Martyna, Clint and Harriet and I didn't know which friend she was talking about, so I asked. She used her hands to signal chinese eyes. Oh, Michelle? She's coming tomorrow. I didn't bother to tell her she will no longer be coming over and she didn't bother to ask where Mich was over the weekend when I was locked up in my room watching desperate housewives.

After work, I went past my host 'grandmother's work. For some reason, I found us talking about Nick my Georgian friend, who's friend's with her younger son. She asked if I talked to him, he's around blah. I texted him. He picked me up, we hung out with his friends at the park. An old, could've easily been 90 year old lady joined us. She wanted to know about me. I saw a friend I made a few days prior, while talking to this friend, this old lady patted me and said 'phuck you!' What is 'phuk?'. I was so disappointed in these kids!
We went to Nick's apartment, hung out some more, one of the friends cooked dinner, they bought me ice cream. We watched a bit of tv. Nick begged me for a kiss, I refused, around 9, they dropped me off and Nick said he'd get money frm his dad the next day and take me wherever I wanna go in his car.

Friday, 22 July
During my lunch break, I called the Resource lady to find out if they'll tell my host family why I'm moving out. She said yup! They need to know! I said but I don't want to offend anybody and since this is such a small town, I wouldn't want the locals to hate me and all. She said, this is their problem, they promised to take care of you and feed you, if they can't do that, it's breach of contract and they need to know. I said, well, ok then!
I called her again in the evening to find out if she was winning. She said she had talked to 5 families that were going to get back to her. If she didn't move me on Friday, she definitely would on Saturday. Saturday, no word from the lady, Sunday, same story. I called the hotline number and asked if they knew what was going on. They said they didn't, but would move me by the end of the day! Not too long after that, I got a call frm head office. I was told that miss RC (resource centre) no longer for works for the company and she didn't have the authority to move me anyway. According to the contract, I should stay here until September. Long story short, the police academy will sit during the week and decide whether or not they can move and where.

Monday, 25 July
First thing in the morning, I get this text frm RC : Good morning *** how r u just now i found my mobile and i am very happy about that i will tell u tumorrow because i am at doctors and when i will be free i'll call and will solve your problem ok. Right i am sorry that i didn't anrwer:) see u tumorrow.

Later on, I got a call from head office, they had good news for me. The police academy agreed to move me! I said But! But! RC has good news for me as well! I asked if she actually knows that she's no longer working for the company. They said yep, she does. On Tuesday, It was confirmed that I'll be moving in with one of my student's student's family next Monday, the 1st of Aug.
My host family doesn't know yet. Apparently, someone will tell them.
I'm so excited, but I'm too scared to start packing because she'll see my bags and will want to know what's up or the husband will dig at work, and I'm not ready for that extra awkwardness yet.

My host family

The host dad is seldom at home, he's a policeman, on call 24hrs. The baby is 5, super cute, love him! The mother is a whole another show!
She's 25 and super annoying. You'd thing that a good age to be cool, nah, not in this house!
She's a control freak!
She's always in my room. Like she'll leave something in my room, I'll notice it when I go to sleep around 11pm, when I wake up at 5am, it's gone. When did she take it? In the middle of the night, of course! Which someone was in my room while I was asleep. How creepy is that?
If I leave my bedroom windows and curtain open, I'll find them closed. And vice versa. I guess just cos!
She knows where all my stuff is! Like, in a creepy way! If I were to leave my iPod on charge, I'll find it in the drawer I keep it. On the exact same stop, if I were to leave, say a safety pin on the dressing chest, I'll find it in my jewellery box, in the drawer, exactly where I keep it! How does she know? She's been going through my things! That's the only logical explanation.
Don't be fooled and think she's been cleaning my room, that's why she moves these things, nope! If I leave the room dusty, I'll find it exactly the same way, I left it, but some objects will be moved!
This used to be their bedroom, so they've a cute lil family portrait on the dressing chest. She comes in here every now and then, dusts it off and turns it in such a way that it faces my bed. So I feel like I'm being watched at all times.
We all use the same wardrobe (closet), so they're always in and out of my room for this reason, everything is kept here, the baby's toys, which of course, he uses everyday, the hair dryer, her toiletries, ALLES! (Everything!).
My door has a huge frosted glass on the upper half (more than half). The bottom part is wooden. You can see me frm outside, just frosted. They never knock! I requested a lock, and got a latch. Which means I can lock myself in, but can't lock when I leave, which I never would've done anyway, because all their stuff is in there. I now latch when I'm inside because I don't want any surprises. She usually bounces at the door as she never knocks, she'll come, push the door and bam! And then stand there, and try to peep through the glass while knocking really hard and screaming my name.
I got a dvd when I moved here. It had been stashed in the room divider in the lounge so I didn't feel bad taking it. If I leave it on pause while going to use the bathroom, I'll come back to find it switched off. Same applies to the lights, computer, tv, any and every electrical appliance. if I leave my camera battery on charge, that's going to be disconnected and the charger will be folded up and packed away, where I keep it! That would've been sweet if it were not uber annoying! I don't like it when people are in my private space, when they touch and snoop through my stuff in my absense, or presence, and when they touch my gadgets! Don't touch my charger! Cos when you fold up the wire, you might do so too tightly and after a few times of doing this the wire will wear off and the charger won't work etc.
I called her to the computer one day and asked her if she wants to know the things that make me feel uncomfortable in her home. She agreed. I typed down a few, she apologised and hasn't stopped.

She stares at me a lot! When my door opens, she's always close by! She'll leave whatever she was doing and linger outside my room! That applies to wherever in the house I am. If I'm using their computer, which was 'bought for my use and they connected the internet for me but since they saw me use youtube [which was somewhere in the beginning], they stay glued on that thing and I can never get a chance to use it)', she'll come stand by me and try to read what I'm typing, or reading. If I'm uploading pictures on Facebook, she'll laugh when she sees ones she thinks are funny. If she recognises the location, she'll go, 'Batumi! Kutaisi!' Etc. I'll of course, ignore her and go on with my thing, or just log off and come to my room, and she'll immediately shut the pc down.
They gave me a spare key to the main door, and half the time, especially in the middle of the night. When I really don't want to wake anybody up, their key will be inside the lock and I will have to ring the door bell.

If I'm lucky, I'll get fed, bread, cheese and something. Or I won't! It's all up in the air really!
Oh and the baby always gets beaten up by the mother. All the time! The moment he wakes up, sometimes I'm awaken by his cry, when he gets home from pre-school, right till bedtime,and he'll cry himself to sleep. Same thing the next morning and everyday.
Once, that I know off, the mother and father had a physical fight! I'd just got home from a weekend away. It went on for about 3hours. He went to work, she came out the bedroom lips bruised and bleeding. I asked if he beat her up, she said no, she was fine. They just had an argument. Married people have those all the time, it's nothing and they'll be fine. Oh well, I wouldn't know, I've never been married!
My host mom wears really short skits, shorts or really tight pants. Then her husband will grab her sometimes when he feels like being freaky! Say, for example, I'm sitting by the computer doing something personal, she's standing right next to me, trying to read it, her husband will come stand behind her, squeeze her breasts and rub her nipples. or stick his hand under her skirt. She'll smile and blush. Aaawww, cute! Can you go to your room now, pls!

The toilet Situation

Whenever I go to the bathroom there's always some type of a situation. Either the bathroom will be open, and when I open the door to the hallway, just before the bathroom, someone will lock the door from inside. Which means there's been someone in there all along. Can you blame them? We neither have a window (that opens) nor air freshener in there! This happens almost every morning.
Or there's unflushed poo! Unflushed cos you can tell they didn't even try! The pressure in the toilet flushing things is weak, so you have to flush more than once. But this person, doesn't even try.
Or there is strong yellow wee that obviously hasn't been flushed. Gross!
Or poo left overs on in sides of the seat. Use the brush, pls! Gees!

We use the shower! I particularly do cos the bath's not really up to par. They've the whole bath/shower combo going on. It's the bathtub, with a shower head, and the shower curtain that's always wet. Basically, after they take a shower, they don't leave the curtain open for it to dry out, the 'host mother' slides it to the corner, really 'neatly' cos everything has to be perfect. Which makes me roll my eyes because: refer previous paragraph!
I always leave it wide open so it can air dry, and she always goes in the bathroom after me, to squash it to the corner.

Lately, there's no water every afternoon until the next morning at 8:00. Atleast I get to shower every day before work, knock on wood! And whenever there's no water, that triggers my body to want to 'go'. They usually half fill the tub with water in case this happens. It doesn't happen often. First time it happened this month, was a few days ago (and it's happened everyday since), just after the host mom took a shower. So she was using the tub and thus, no water for us! We had to not 'go' for more than 12 hours. the next day, I filled my 6Litre water bottle up for drinking water I can trust and whatever else I might need water for.
She poured a little bit of water in the tub, a little less than a quarter of the tub and there was no water that afternoon. We didn't have enough water! But we survived.
Yesterday, she didn't use the bath tub, but a small plastic one. I'm not sure why.
This morning, at 5:00 I went to the toilet. Found it nice and clean. I flushed using a bucket. Then I thought to be extra cute, let me use the brush, even though I didn't really need to. It was filled with poo! All around it! I only saw this when I'd dunked it in the toilet and the water turned brown. So of course I had to flush this Georgian poo with a few more buckets of water. Now that small plastic tub is less than half full.
Just a second, I'm going to puke...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend in Tbilisi

Li, the cute Chinese guy, who's nickname is Nothing and I had been talking over the phone. Niceness:).
I kind of hinted that I'd like to see him ALONE on Friday, when I arrive in Tbilisi. He said he'd love to come but he's not familiar with the city as he'd only been in Georgia for 2weeks. Fair enough! He said he would have to take his friends along. No sweat, his friends are my friends too. I met them all in Batumi.
When I told my assistant that I'd like to visit Tbilisi for the weekend, she told me that there's always a car that goest to Tbilisi frm the office every morning at 10 and she would ask the boss if I could catch a lift. I told Li that I might be in the city around 1pm if I catch a lift with the cops, but I'd confirm with him when I leave Akhaltsikhe. My town.

Friday, 15 July
Lia, my assistant, told me that the car was full and I wouldn't be able to get a lift. I called and updated Li. I then told him, that meant I'd have to work the whole day, finish at 4 and leave then, and would arrive at 7.
After the 3rd class, Lia said I could leave, she'd do the last class. She didn't have to tell me twice! I was so out of there!
As I arrived at the rank, Li called! He was in Tbilisi! And to rub it in, he went by himself! So this would have been perfect, only, I was in Akhalstikhe and would only arrive in Tbs in 3hrs. When I told him this, he sounded disappointed, which meant he misunderstood me when I told him I would no longer get the lift and was going to leave much later than planned. Whew!
I asked him to hang around, and I'd catch up with him in 3.
In the marshrutka (taxi) I met Anna, a German lady that's holidaying in Georgia. We sat next to each other and spoke English.
3hrs later, we arrived in TBS! I called Li, no answer. Called Beqa, his friend and he gave the phone to Li. Bad sign! This meant Li went back home.
He said 'I'm in Rustavi!'. I asked if lhe was going to go back to Tbs, he said, 'no, I'm in Rustavi! I stay here!'. Beqa couldn't come meet me either because his family had come to visit, I was screwed! I called Nick, his phone was on voicemail.
Anna took me to my home stay, (guest house/hostel). Very kind of her! She showed me how to take the metro, which I'd never done before. Very fascinating, I must say!
We went for dinner, at an underground restaurant near the station. It was very hot in TBS that night. I bought 1.5Litres of Pepsi. We don't have these in SA! Only 1.25 of coca cola products and 2Litres. Anyway, it was gross! But I still drink it. Harriet arrived later, we walked Anna to the train and I met a black man, I think his name's Ben. He plays football for a Georgian team. We exchanged numbers, of course. On our way back to the homestay, we met 2more, I didn't give them my number, they played for the same football team, and seemed rather 'happy'.
Our homestay was packed! And very very hot. I chatted a bit to a Korean Doctor who's here on holiday, there were lots of people from Poland, more than 5, some from Iran, and the rest from all over the world.
I got a nice, comfy, double bed and the top bunk, near the window. It rained! Harriet and I went to the shop. She needed some snacks. we chatted to a Scott frm Denmark. He told me there are black prostitutes in Tbs. Interesting insight!
Around midnight, I got a text frm Nick, he wanted to know where I was. I told him, Tbs of course! He asked how come I didn't call him. because your phone was off, duh! 'Oh, I was drinking wine!'.
"Where are you right now, Brook?" At the homestay, home here! "Now?". Yep! "Ok, I'm on my way". Sure, I'll text you the address!
30mins later, he was outside. This was around 1. Outside the wrong address cos I managed to mix my homestay's address with that of the one I would've stayed in before. I walked outside and I didn't see his car. This is me standing outside a Russian church before 1am, talking on the cellphone. This kind of thing wouldn't roll in SA!
I gave him the right address, and there he was with his friend. I was co-erced into waking Harriet up who wasn't about to go out at that hour.

Nick drove me around Tbilisi for about an hour and bought me ice cream. I insisted on doing Mc Donald's drive through, cos why not! That was fun! It was so back home!
His dad called and ordered him to go home, he took me home, and uhm, and left :) :) :).
He told me he'd see me on Sunday, when he would introduce me to his family, take me on the promised motor bike ride and give Harriet and I a lift back to Akhaltsikhe. Deal!
We left the house early, had Mc Donald's for breakfast, walked Rustaveli Avenue. The main rd of Tbilisi, then I went for a 'shower' by the sulphur baths. I couldn't afford the baths though, R160 was a bit steep. I asked for a massage. They quoted me R40 (L10) for a 20min session.
This middle aged woman, in black full panties and a red playtex bra, took me to a 'shower' room with about 3 naked, elderly Georgian women, who could've easily been in their 70's. Did I mention they were naked?
I was myself at this point. I was orderd to stand under the shower for 10mins. Then this lady scrubbed me with a rough glove, then, under the shower again. Man, I was dirty!
Then, she scrubbed me with the ball thingy that you use in a shower to really clean yourself, back to the shower. Then massage time. This could've been longer and harder but oh well! For Ten lari, you can't complain.
When I was done, I had to pay L23 (R92). Even though I was quoted L10 (R40). She blocked the door when she saw the expression on my face after the told me the new amount. Relax lady, I won't run away with your money! I'm new here, I wouldn't take that risk!
We met up with one of our group mates that we hadn't seen since training. We had lunch. I had a wrap. They had pizza.
We walked and walked, bookshop, walked walked, train, bazaar. Harried went to the homestay to chill and read a book. We bazaar'ed for hrs, I saw some nice stuff, nothing in my size. Not even shoes! Back to the city centre to meet up with Jane. A former english teacher that I'd been talking to since I came here. Sweet lady! She showed me around her hood. The rich part of Tbls. We went to Goodwill, I bought some toiletries and tons of Cake. It was delicious!
We went to a Thai restaurant for dinner! Beqa left around 8, he bazaar'ed with me since 2/3. Li wouldn't come because he had dance lessons. Oh well, too bad.
We sat and talked and ate and and and until 11. By the time we left, the restaurant was closing and the ice cream shop next door, where Jane wanted to take me thereafter had closed. Maybe next time. She took me to a cab and pd for me. How Georgian of her!
I got harassed by a drunk man on my way to the train around 11:30pm. I survived! Got home at 00:00. Midnight here doesn't seem like midnight back home though. I never would've been walking out at that hour in SA, maybe driving, but still!
Nick had called around 2 and said he was working on his car and would call when he's done. That never happened.

I called Nick, no answer, texted him, nothing. I thought the best thing to do would be to leave. Harriet took a train to the city centre, I waited for one to the rank, when Maline called and said to hang out at hers. I obliged! I sat and talked to her while she was cleaning their new apartment. She and her room mates moved that weekend.

I left around 4, took a 5 o 'clock marshrutka back to Akhaltsikhe. I felt so miserable on my way back, just wanted to cry cry cry! I listened to music on my ipod, covered myself in my damp washing rag that I use as a handkerchief cos its so hot and cried.
I arrived at 8. I went to Clintyna's flat. Clint made Burrito's. Yum! I was hungry, broke and miserable. We ate and talked. Clint cooked some more, until he ran out of gas. Gas gas, cooking gas! Not petrol lol.
They walked me home around 10. I was half asleep and bummed.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Party! Park! Polishes!

Wednesday, 13th July
After work, Clint came over. He, Harriet and I went to the pizzeria for uhm, pizza? We ordered a huge margherita pizza cos Harriet is vegeterian. She found beef in her slice. Only in GE! It was still nice though. Pity Harriet couldn't enjoy it with us.
We spent about 2hrs there and Martyna arrived in town with her friends. She was in Tbilisi with her parents who came to visit. She came back to town with her 3 Polish guy friends and a french girlfriend. Nice bunch!
We met up with them at Martyna's. Giorgi and the wife were there as well as the 2 peace Cops. Good times were had by all! Giorgi brought his cousin who was uhm, rather romantic. Apparently he loves Africa, it's his dream land, blah. He was rather touchy, so I distanced myself from him.
My 2 'friends called me! First Li, the cute Chinese. We talked for 16 Minutes. Yup! I checked!). Then Nick. We talked for a bit, he said to call him when I'm in Tbilisi, he wants to take me on a bike ride. Deal!
Harriet and I were dropped off after 1am at mine. I got up and went to work, Harriet works every other day, so she was off.
Lights were on and off in class.
It was so funny when the lights were off, one of my students did and evil laugh and said 'GAMARJOBA!'.
That's hello in Georgian. It was so interesting cos I never ever imagined that in Georgian. LOL.
After work, we were supposed to go for a picnic in uraveli (again:( ) with Giorgi and the Polish. Apparently, he cancelled because he was busy, we skipped that and went to martyna's favourite restaurant at 7.
Harriet couldn't join us, she wanted to spend some time with her host family. The restaurant was hot, as in heat hot? yeah! We ate and talked and laughed and Giorgi randomly showed up with his friends. Including the creepy cousin. They sat 2tables away frm us.
Mckinze came by for like 5mins and had to leave (the peace cop).
We listened to waka waka (of course! The Georgian national anthem) and half a song of Maybe - Enrique Iglesias. Sad cos I love that song. They did repeat the half over and over though.
Giorgi drove us to Martyna's in his Defender, OhMiGosh, I loooove that car! And I plan to drive it one of these days. Gio said I can:).
We went to the park, we stared at as usual. Or so I thought. I was surprised that that was new to Martyna, it happens to me all the time! Frm the house, in the streets, shops, at work, everywhere! That's why I said I'm not going to not do what I want just because people are staring, sorry! They'll just have to get used to me and I'll have to get over it! Either either!
Blazej, one of the PolishES played music on his iPhone. I had brought my Shox speaker so we pumped it up and did our thang, sang along, the works. It was good times indeed. Of course, my host dad was patrolling the park that night, so he found a banch, near us and sat there with a friend staring at us the whole night. THE WHOLE NIGHT! My host dad's brother and his friend found us, they met my friends and stood next to us for about an hour. It was awkward. Then they said they're leaving cos it's late, in english as if to tell me it's time to go home. I just said, c ya!
More music! Then it was my turn to dj frm my iPod, so I did, of course! Queen, Elvis, James Blunt! They walked me home just after one am, we played and sang along to Stay the Night by James Blunt and 3 Wise men outside my block. I bade them bye, and called it a day.
Of course, the key was in the lock at mine and I couldn't open with mine. I had to ring the bell. You've got to love my host family!


Monday, July 11
Work, home! I taught my 'host mom' and her Cousin English. She sat there, dazing in nothingness, obviously bored to death, yawning and yawning until she gave in, and said let's go to the park. I refused cos I was tired and was already in my night dress. Plus I can't stand her and wasn't about to go for a walk with her and have her show me off as a prized possession to the locals when she can't even feed me.
I went to bed.
Tuesday, 12 July
At breakfast, my host mom and her cousin who sat right across frm me at the table, both stared at me as if I've 5 eyes or something. Whenever I looked at the cousin, she'd look the other way, and immediately, stare right back at me, the 'host mom' isn't shy, she keeps staring, whether I can see her or not. I mean, this is the same woman that let's herself into my room and stares at me for ten minutes flat without uttering a word!

After work, Manuk called me, he gave me my pc back FIXED! SUCCESS! We hung out at the restaurant for drinks with him and his Russian friend that didn't speak English that seemed kind of interested in uhm, me. Unfortunately I wasn't so. Harriet joined us later. We bought Fans! Yep, the ones you see in old fashioned movies. I don't know if I mentioned that this country is still stuck in the 17th century.
After we parted with manuk and his friend, I called Nick, my host dad's brother's friend. Got that? He picked us up at the park and took us for s drive somewhere. It was beautiful, the river and mountains. We stopped for 5seconds for him to try and push me off the edge of the hill and to take a pic or 6. Then back to town.
We dropped Harriet home. Back to the park, then to Nick's apartment. Apparently it's been locked for 3yrs while he stays in the capital and sometimes in the village. He said I could move there if I wish. He'll just get it cleaned. I'm seriously considering it! It's massive! It'd be a pit tricky cos he likes me like that so yeah.
Oh and I found a condom in his pocket! Not sure if he always has one, in case he gets lucky or he brought one along because he knew he was going to see me. That will remain life mysteries, I guess. I tore it open and threw it away, cos that's what girls do, no?
We went back to the park and I was taken home around 11.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is that hair in my cake or is it happy to see me?

Sunday 10th
I found out there's only one marshrutka back to Akhaltsikhe and it's at ten. Or eleven. Michelle's mom got up early to make me what I told them was my favourite Georgian dish and we left before she finished. Sorry:( and Thank you!
Her host dad walked us to the rank. I got myself soething to eat, Khachapuri (cheese bread) everything costs double in Kobuleti and Batumi what it does in my town. I also bought caramel cake. Fun times! Not - as I found a long lock of blonde hair in it later, and it hardly tastes like it looked. The cake, not the hair!
It was nice at Michelle's. That's when I knew for sure that my family is weird and abnormal and there are much micer families out there.
Motion sickness! As usual!
I slept most of the ride home. When I arrived, I bought a belated birthday gift for our baby boy, he's 5. I got him a nice police set, badge, gun, hand cuffs, the works. He threatened to shoot me with it the entire evening.
I spent a minute or 2 on the net and went to sleep.

Romantic weekend in Batumi

Saturday, July 9
We took a marshrutka to batumi, L2 (R8). 30 mins. Mich, her 12yr old host brother, Shota and myself. We met up with Caleb, one of our group members who doesn't stay far frm Batumi. We walked the city. Man oh man, I'm in love with Batumi! It reminds me so much of Durban! It looks like no other city here! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
People asked for my picture, they asked to take pics with me, they took my pics without my consent, I took their pics in return, just for kicks!
We went to Goodwill. Just cos! It's smaller than I expected. I took pics and was reprimanded by the cute security guard.
More walking, window shopping, literally! Cos most of the stores were still closed after 10am. We saw some cute guys! Lots! Our group arrived around 12/1. As we met up with them, our friends from the night before arrived. We waited for them and told our group we'd catch up with them at the restaurant. I saw Josh, he was so drunk, at like midday, the detox must have the opposite effect on him.
The 2 guys from Kobuleti said they couldn't join us, they had work to do. We expected the 3 nice ones. All 5 of them showed up. No problem for me, awkward for Mich cos she was practically engaged at this stage! You see if a guy so much as shows interest in you, you're his! You're married, and probably pregnant!
It was good to see Li :) he's cute, I like his long hair! I'm a sucker for guys with funky hair! Or just guys in general, really!
We met up with the gang at the restaurant. Ours was a huge s table. Probably 3 tables put together, for my group, Josh's group and our new Georgian friends. We ate some nice food. I had sea food, and fried rice. It was delish. Our Georgian friends paid! We initially had planned on paying for their meal. But oh well!
Because our group arrived hours after us in Batumi, they spent the whole daying playing catch up with us. We had to split. Our GE friends wanted to go to the beach, for a swim. Varzha wanted to buy Mich a swimming costume so she could swim, I reckon he wanted to see her naked. Pic, pics, pics! The boys changed into black shorts. I don't know if this was a coIncidence and swam! I took my leggings off, and went in the water. Can't swim:(
More pics and the 3 guys had to leave. Varza, Giorgi, Shota (the 12yr old) and I met up with the group, briefly. The museum was closed, we missed it by like 5mins. We went to the botanical gardens. Nice! Huge! Up and down hilly walking. Pics, awkwardness as Varzha spent the whole time asking me about Mich and I spent the whole time trying to get him to ask her! He practically told me he loves her and wants to marry her!

On our way out, we pumped into Iranians that were holidaying in GE, they gave us huge slices of watermelon! Oh Georgia! There were 5 of us and they had enough for all of us? Pictures! Marshrutka back to Batumi. We met up with the group again, had dinner. I had to try archaruli from Batumi, I believe they make the best in the country. I did! And I enjoyed it and will eat it again, next time I'm there cos 'I will be back!'
We hung out a bit.
Varzha said it was time to go and disappeared with the lil boy for ten mins. It felt like an hour and a half. He left his 4ne behind. Classic!
We later found out he went to buy Mich a present and all the stores were closed. It was 10pm on a Saturday night. I wonder why the stores were closed!
We bade out friends good bye. And walked towards the fountains. Man, those were awesome! They are activated by the music that plays across the fountains, the louder and faster the music, the higher the water splashes out of the fountains. Utter Awesomeness! Pics! And amazement! Oh and more pictures of me with random people. At least they asked!
Then we went to see the statue of Ali and Nino. That's a to be seen in Batumi as well. It's 2statues that rotate toward each other, kiss and rotate away from each other, only to get back at each other omg! Loved it!
All this time, at the statues, Varzha had his hand on the small of Michelle's back. No comment.
We took a cab home. An hour or so later! The guys asked us to go home with them, we politely refused. Bedtime!

Kobuleti! No, it's not Laser Tag!

We dropped some people off in Kutaisi, and off to Kobuleti we went (this is where Michelle stays, just before batumi). I saw the Sea! Exhale! Say shoop! Say shoopy, shay shoo-hoop! Shoopy doo! Hoo, hoo hooo!
5hrs later, we were in Kobuleti. Mich and her host sis' came for me. I still felt motion sick, it lasts longer than normal here. It starts off way before the motion itself and lasts way pass. Don't ask!
5mins walk to Mich's house, met the mother and Father. Lovely couple. Warm! Nice big house! With the biggest balcony ever! It's the size of 2 rooms! Michelle and her host mom speak French to one another, sick! Love it! Who would've thought they'd polish up on their French in GE?
She cooked for us! We had pizza (home made! I had a thousand slices), chicken! Omg, meat? Yesssss, chicken! {First of all, omg food! Cos I never get food at my house, and if by some miracle I do, it's bread and cheese or bread and something rotten or undercooked}. Small fried quarter chickens, potato chips, and stuff, too many to list here and dessert. It looked like strawberry flavoured maize meal porridge. I just tasted it and was good. I'm not huge on umdoko/isdudu.
Mich and I went for a walk to the beach. Yep, she lives that close to the beach! The beach here has rocks instead of sand, so it's kind of uncomfortable to walk along it. But it had to be done! How else would I get to the water? Huh? I did and Mich 2k some pics of me doing it! So yep! I can prove it!
While walking to see the rest of the beach front we say 2guys, one of them was Asian, Mich is Asian. She went all cute on me and was like, 'an Asian! An Asian!'. I said let's stalk them! We turned around and power walked behind them trying to catch up. we finally did! 'Hello! Do you speak English?'. "Uhm, my English is very poor!". It was in that instant that I fell inlove!
His name's Li, he was with his 4 friends who popped out of nowhere as we were small talking with them. They invited us to their flat close by. We agreed. We played Laser shoot. No, not laser tag! First of all I don't know what later tag is and I didn't know what lazer shoot was until that day! But apparently, it's not the same thing! We used huge machine guys to lazer shoot animals on the projector screen, it was fun! The room was super hot, I got sweaty and gross but it was tons of fun. 5 guys, 2girls, in a small dark room, shooting at animals. Perfect!
Li and Beqa are dancers, we begged them to dance for us. They did! Cute! I took videos. If I can, I'll upload them later.
More chatting, some of them spoke English, some didn't. One looked 12, he's 20, one looked 25, he's 18, you catch my drift. Li's 28, which suits me just fine, thanks!
We hung out with them until around 12am, it was meant to be for an hour. It lasted longer.
3 of the boys took a marshrutka to Batumi, 2stayed at the flat. They asked us to go back with them, we politely declined. We liked the ones that had left more and they speak English. Plus it was midnight!
We chatted at bit! It was so nice! Mich got a text frm Varzha, one of the guys who stay in Kobuleti. He was declaring his affection for her. Saying how he wouldn't sleep that night, but would dream of her blah.


Friday, July 8
My group will be in July this weekend.
I'm going to join them! If by some chance, I don't, then I'll go to Clint's in Akhalkalaki. I told Tyna that as well.
Somehow, she understood that we're all going to Clint's. As in Harriet, Tyna and I. Clint started getting the spare room ready, he went shopping for blankets and things for us. My mind was set on Batumi, if you know me, you'll know how much I love the sea. I was so looking forward to it. I was nervous about accommodation, it's summer time and Batumi is a tourist town. What if I don't find accommodation?
Josh is renting a 2bedroom apartment, he had told be before that I should come visit for like a week. I can't because unlike him, I'm working. He's on summer holidays. We settled on a weekend. He said he wanted to be by himself his first week in Batumi and detox, his family makes him drink all the time. Fair enough. This was the 2nd weekend. When I talked to Amy, one of our group members, I found out that she'll be staying at Josh's for the weekend. When I talked to Josh about going to Batumi for the weekend and accommodation, he offered to ask his friends for contact details of homestays in the vicinity. I got the hint, the offer to stay at his no longer stood.
I asked if he could meet me at the Rank on my arrival as I didn't know the area and my friends would only arrive the next day, Saturday, he said he didn't know if he'd be around, they were planning on going to Turkey. Fair enough.
I confirmed with the girls here that I'm def going to Batumi on Fri. Harriet couldn't come along because she had classes until late Friday and it's a long drive. Leaving Saturday morning would've been a waste. According to her.
I told my fam and my student's I'll be going to Batumi for the weekend. They told the rest of the country, even people who don't know me.

I had 3 lessons that Friday, after the second one, well, we only do the test Fridays, I took my assistant with me to confirm marshrutka times. It was 11:25. They told me the last marshrutka'd leave in 5 mins. We ran to the shop, bought something to eat, toilet, filled my water bottle up, the marshrutka was hooting for me outside the station. They'd asked me to pay my L20 (R80) beforehand to secure my seat. I ran out and off to Batumi I went!
It was hot, dirty, it smelled and there wasn't enough room for my legs. I sat next to a girl who had tons of luggage, which reduced the space even more, she was sweet and spoke English. That helped.
I had my Lobiani (bean bread/pie) as I was starving cos I didn't get breakfast at the house. You know how they do, no food for Brook! Or Brut as their son calls me.
We stopped just before Kutaisi for a chama station! (Toilet break). 2turkish toilets, stank like hell! They don't flush, gross gross gross!
We had to pay 20 Tetri (80 cent) to use them. I got stared at and someone took a picture of me outside the toilets, all in a day's work!
I called Michelle to tell her I was halfway yo Batumi. She told me she asked her family if I could stay over for the weekend and they agreed! Success!