Sunday, April 03, 2022

Thank Goodness for AirBnB!

 I made it to my Air BnB, thank Gosh! The guy was nice and welcoming. He had a nice black matt finish Porsche in the garage, which we passed on the way to the house entrance. He rents out several rooms in his house. I booked one whose entrance was outside by the pool. When we walked into the main house, I got a little confused and asked. That's when he told me a lot of people always ask for that room blah blah blah. That was weird, cos how would I have known about it if it weren't available when I made my reservation. That's gonna already leave a weird taste in one's mouth (she said). He led me upstairs to my room, through many entrances and nooks and crannies and then showed me another way out the house. I assured him I was going to get lost there. I'm not great with directions.

Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Driver, Give me your Truck Keys

 Where were we? Bed Bugs in the truck. After having survived a rat in a truck. Only to get fired abruptly. The countdown was on. They wanted me out within two hours of being terminated. I was crying to my sister, who was, unfortunately in a different time zone, and thus, in the middle of the night. Sorry, Pru and thank you; and I was packing. When you've put everything neatly in its place, it doesn't seem like you have a lot of stuff until it's time to move out! That was the case here! After talking to my sis, I called my ex husband, Calvin. He was very good in making me feel better about the way forward. He told me that he had an appointment with a client but would postpone, or do whatever it took to help me move. That was comforting to hear. I did tell him not to make any moves until I let him know. I guess I more so needed some sort of security blanket more than anything else. It's always crucial for me to do things for myself, so that was going to be my first option; failing which, I would then reach out to the wasband.Thanks again, Cal, I know you read my blog!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Bed Bugs in My Truck

 OK. We've all now established that our dearest #TruckerBrook has been fired from my the one and only trucking job I've ever had. Two years in and they were done with me. They gave me two hours to vacate the premises. Must've been an hour for ever year I worked for the company. How Generous! This, after having endured Bed Bugs in their trucks for the first time in my entire life. First, I'd no idea what was biting me but I had super itchy pimples. Whenever I did some Googling, I kept seeing Bed bugs in my results. What are these people talking about? Why do they all think it's bed bugs? The trucks have lights inside but none bright enough to be able to see like you would in your at home bathroom or kitchen. You know, your most brightly lit rooms at home? I have lost things such as credit cards or such, that are dark, simply from the truck not being well lit enough for me to see the dark colored cards. I searched fort he bugs along the rim of the mattress and couldn't see a thing.

Saturday, January 01, 2022

Drug Test | Being Fired?

 (continued from previous blog) That was close! Imagine if I had actually gotten fired? I thought to myself! It wasn't out of the realm of possibility. I had a feeling the ladies in the office hated me. They all did. That is out of the realm of possibility. Generally, people like me. I get along with people and never really show how I feel about someone in certain environments because, what's the point, really? So that it's awkward? And then what? 

I went out, happy to prove to the guard that I was right that WAS my truck! I wasn't stealing it! And I wasn't fired!  I did what I needed to do out there, came back without any issues at the gate with the guard. I went to my parking spot, by my trailer. I always reserve an empty trailer, that I keep lock while I'm on my off days cos you never know and looking for an empty trailer is no fun. They will have you go from company to company looking for company trailers. The companies don't want to part with the empties because where are they going to load when their customers place orders? Not fun! And for someone who gets paid per mile, you can end up being paid $0. They put one zip code that they sent you from and the one you went to. Which can be the same zip code (postal code). Thereby totaling 1 mile or zero miles. Hours of work for no pay. That sht heartless af, if you ask me! Some folks will get paid $50 to $100 or whatever random figure, per empty trailer. It just depends on who is doing the dispatching and who's doing the hunting. In my case, I was only working with the same three ladies who wished I were dead, so. 

Have I been Fired?

 Happy New year, my loves! I hope you entered 2022 with so much to look forward to. Sometimes hope is more than we can ever ask for. Just hope! A feeling that somewhere down the line, the sun will shine on us again. Here's to you and yours this year! 

Thanks for showing up again. Funny thing about this little blog of mine is that, I get more clicks when I don't update. That's not why I don't but I find that very interesting! I will get as much as double the amount of views in a month if I hardly post than when I post often. Make that make sense! 

It's beautiful outside right now in Southern California. I am thankful for that. It has been dark and rainy for what felt like weeks. Not the kind of day I thrive in. I need brightness; sunshine! How about you? 

Speaking of life: Let's see where we left off!

Monday, November 01, 2021

Counting My Blessings

 To those of you who took the time to do research and get back to me about my health issue that I mentioned on my previous blog, Thank you! I do intend to make another appointment with the doctor before year's end, one that I will, hopefully be able to honor. As some of you may know, I'm so into new beginnings. I love the start of a new month as I have minimum of 30 days to tackle a goal. October was good to me, overall. I'm thankful for that. I've just jotted down my November goals, they're also very similar to what I would've wished / hope for beginning of 2021 in some ways. In that, the end of 2021 is around the corner. Whatever I may have wanted to resolve this year, that I may not have, yet, I had better get to in the next 61 days. Having said that, I also have just updated my gratitude journal. It was when I was writing today's date that I had an Aha! Moment! in 2014, 7 years ago (you're welcome for the Math), I was living in my studio in Las Vegas when I started Gratitude journaling. It was part of a desperate attempt at changing my life.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Getting Under My Skin| Medical Mystery

Between being at the shop a lot and not loving my dispatchers, I was having a great time at work. When you live full time in your truck, you live in the office. There’s no escaping your management. They run your ass! One time, they have me another older truck while mine was in the shop. This was a Freightliner. I didn’t hate it. It drive quite well! Also! It had curtains! It was also cleaner in looks than how my Volvo was when I got it. Granted, you can never tell what’s lurking in the background! I’m out for 6 days, then back to the yard for 2 off. While out there on day 4, I get a call from manager.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

American Green Card Update

If you’ve been a reader of my more than ten year old blog for a while, you’ve seen me go through ups and downs in this beautiful country of America. The promised land. I’ve had visas, they’ve expired, I’ve had the renewed; I’ve been honored to receive different visas with different privileges and I’ve had the revoked. I’ve even been deported! Kinda! They’ve sent me the paperwork to vacate The US in 30 days. I’ve been through it all! I didn’t want to marry someone for a green card and have that hanging over my neck for life. Nothing against those who do go that route. This is one of the reasons when my ex husband,  who was emotionally and verbally abusive, tried to use American citizenship as a carrot to dangle over my heard, I noped the f*ck out. You found me in this country! It is not because of you that I’m in America, and it will NOT be because of you that I leave. Good bye! That backfired on his ass! Go tell all your friends who suspected that I married you for a green card that I left! You’ve been yelling at me in public, making a spectacle of yourself, saying you pay for everything but now I’m leaving. Was I as dependent on you as you claimed I was? The joke’s on you, Sir! Biggest mistake you’ll ever make in your life! You can’t say you have not been warned! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Hair Loss Minoxidil Side Effects

At the age of 10, I was shipped off to Boarding school. The students, myself included, compared this catholic school to jail. By the way, how come no one ever uses Gaol spelling for jail? We had to shave off our hair every school term. That’s 4 times a year! I was in for 5 years. That’s going bald 20 times in 5 years. Meditate on that! (Don’t!).

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Being Falsely Accused

 Back in the day, I worked as a receptionist for a massage company. They had several branches around Johannesburg, South Africa. I was one of, if not the only receptionist with a car, so they had me report to different branches whenever need be. I had initially applied there as a therapist. It was a Chinese massage place but does it hurt to try? I was lucky to end up hired, regardless. I liked how close to my place all their branches were. They were in decent neighborhoods. I got to meet some celebrities in some of their locations.