Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Life on the Road in Pictures.

Taking it in stride in Kansas

Hershey's always gives us our choice of two candies, so I picked two I had never had before. Too sweet for my liking

 Truck Driving gloves

Vegetarian double burger in coconut flour bun

Feeling myself in my Truck sleeper berth


This happened. In the wee hours of the morning

Somewhere in Illinois

Feeling Skinny

New Year's eve over the road

Derrick treated us to Mediterranean. I love Falafel 

Tofu upon tofu upon... 

Nails always be did

Vegetarian: Tofu noodles and veggie meatballs

You're welcome toe and foot fetishers


Derrick's awesome cooking

Door Mat; something I am not

Hard Hat Blue collar AF

Truck cooking. Instapot

My little closet. It stays neat!

If you follow me on Social, you know this is a fave pose

clean laundry

Buffet, I took Derrick. Tastes just as it looks

meal preppin
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Monday, September 06, 2021

Trucker got Traffic Ticket

I’ve already been cleared of one person who was a big part of my daily life. I’m looking at you, Derrick! Why not keep the momentum going and get rid of a bunch more energy vampires? I’d a conversation with a person that I talked with often. It was long overdue that I cut this person out my existence. I got frustrated and let this person get to my head. As I was in the midst of the frustration, I got pulled over. By the Highway Police. Great! The lady officer even called me on the loudspeaker haha. Awkward. 

Sunday, September 05, 2021


 So, I met a guy in person! He had green eyes. I like blue eyes. I also like brown eyes, especially on girls. I like eyes in general. The truck had an issue. My truck has had several issues. This time, it was just lights. I was in Wyoming, before Kanye West moved there, haha! It was dark out, when I realized I didn't have enough light in front of me. I pulled over in a rest stop and noticed that one of my lights was not working. Wait! This is not the story I am trying to tell! This was taken care off in Wyoming that very night. I had a different issue. I think it was lights still but bulbs couldn't fix the problem. I was in Kansas when I encountered this particular one. I had taken a load there from Colorado. The load turned out to be lost. It was FROM Kansas to Colorado.

Saturday, September 04, 2021

Truck crash on a Bridge!

Growing up in a farm, far away from everything, including school; we had to get up very early just to be able to catch the only bus and then walk forever to get to school. From there, I was shipped to boarding school, where we had to be up at 4am for 5am mass, everyday but the weekends. Don’t worry, we still had church on weekends, just not at 5am. It was a Catholic school.  I say all that to say, Being a morning person is ingrained in me. Right now, I’m blogging you at 4:40am inside a truck, while I wait for dispatch to confirm my load information. I checked in before 4. I’ll wake up at 2 for a 4am call time, bo problem but please don’t make me work nights!

I’d an evening time delivery in Colorado state. I did most driving during the day in hopes that they would let me deliver early, then I can go to bed as usual. When I arrived at the location and saw what looked like hundreds of trucks in the staging area, I knew that wasn’t to be! I found a spot, shut my curtains and called it a day. The guard had my number. They’d call me when it was my turn. The called around 1am. I mean! It’s already tomorrow by then! I was dazed and confused. There was a long line into the place. Line went as far as down the street. Instead of waiting to catch the line when it got to where I was, I realized that I might wait forever. Nobody was going to let me in in front of them. I drove out of the staging area to catch the line where it ended. 

Earlier, when I checked in, the guard had told me to move my tandems to the back. Meaning, slide the trailer on the wheel base, as far back as you can. They tend to do this to make sure the trailer door is not out of synch with the doc door. I think. I’m out in the street, half awake at 1am looking for somewhere to turn around. Company truck has a camera which gets triggered when you make illegal moves such as making a U Turn. Which is what I was fixing to make. I saw a bridge ahead of me, And decided to go make my turn there. It was a bridge from one direction of traffic to another. Perfect! As I entered that block, I saw a NO TRUCK 🚛 sign. Great! I make my turn into the bridge as wide as possible so as not to hit anything. The truck felt funny. I didn’t fit in like I expected to, having been as wide as I was. I almost make it out of the bridge but I had a conundrum. One more move and you could either lose the bumper to the curb or end up in the river with trailer tire. Story of my fcking life!

I go forward some and hit the curb with my low suspension Freightliner bumber. Now, the truck won’t move. Stuck on the curb. Fck! I didn’t wanna be there too long, lest the cops. No trucks, remember? I get out of the truck to evaluate. I didn’t know how strong the bridge was. Did it have the capacity to carry my loaded trailer as long as I was on it? There must be a reason they said no trucks. If it’s the size of the bridge, I might be in trouble! Well, I was already in trouble. Long story long, I ended up having to get out of the truck, pull the bumper out from the tractor. It was already broken but semi hanging on. Now what do I do with this hiant piece of plastic! That thing is HEAVY! Do I liter and leave it here? It had my registration number. Someone was gonna be able to trace with that! Do I put it inside the truck? Yeah. Let’s try that. Maybe the shop will be able to screw it back on. Dod I mention how heavy that thing was? I managed to poke it into the passenger door. I needed an extra set of hands to pull it inside as I pushed up. I didn’t have an extra pair of hands! Gosh! I was just trying to join the line! Wtf! 

I hot it inside the truck, i had to break boxes I had and put them on my bed and lean the thing against my bed. The bumper wasn’t designed to go into your bedroom. Finally! A sigh of relief! Into the truck and off to the line. After I go unloaded, the sun was was rising. My favorite time of day! I drove 5 miles to the company yard in Denver. I went to the shop straight away. They kept my bumper to dispose of it for me, drilled my registration plate to the truck and told me they didn’t have a new bumper for me. I drove that busted as truck looking like that for months! I tell you what? In a sea of whitr Freightliner  trucks;  It was easier to spot.  

I found out months and months later that a truck / trailer behave differently when the tandems ate slid all the way back. This is how come I ended up stuck on a bridge. Had I know that…… 

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Friday, September 03, 2021

Seeking Sister Wife

 I have to tell you, when my Truck stop date didn't go great with the online guy, I felt a sense of relief. I did continue to chat with guys online. I was on a number of dating sites. Some of the guys were as well, one guy, from Utah, was even messaging me on both sites. Actually, two guys! Both from Utah, come to think of it. Both of them were good looking. One was totally my type, he had outdoorsy pictures, bikes, boats, trucks; good looking but not too much, athletic; he could totally get it. He would send me one message at a time. It never was a conversation. He was more interested in meeting up as well. Kinda like Truck stop. He'd be  like let me know when you're in town. Sure! The other guy from Utah was from the same town I used to deliver in out there. He and I would exchange several messages. He was good looking, but in a way that was like, alright! Why are you on these sites? Are you a catfish? I even asked his Pink t-shirt wearing self to video call.

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Trucker Dating: Truck Stop First Date

 I just attached a picture of when my truck was stuck in a ditch. That story is in the previous post. Now that my lover boy, Derrick and I have officially broken up, in my heart; what's next? I didn't waste too much time before going on the dating sites to see who all is in there. Much to my chagrin, it was majority of the guys I left there a year prior when I started dating Derrick. Man! Funny thing about dating sites is, the more things change in the world, the more they stay the same in dating sites. This was my experience when I would go off and on them. What's your experience like on there?